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Harassment contact persons

Harassment contact persons
HYY has two harassment contact persons who offer guidance and support to students who have encountered harassment, bullying, discrimination or any other kind of unequal treatment. They can be contacted even if you were not the target of harassment yourself but instead witnessed harassment or wish to discuss possible ways of taking action against harassment. The desire to discuss your experiences is sufficient reason for contacting the harassment contact persons! If needed, the harassment contact persons can guide you towards additional help.
Harassment contact persons do not take further action without your consent, and they work under obligation of secrecy. Harassment contact persons are employees of the Student Union who have been trained for their task.
You can contact the harassment contact persons by sending email to their joint email address or you can just contact one of the harassment contact persons directly.
Many student organisations also have their own harassment contact person who you can contact. In addition to this, HYY requires organisations using its premises to adhere to the principles of safe space. More information is available on your own organisation’s website or from either its person in charge of equality or chair.
Contact information:
Joint email address of the harassment contact persons
Juhani Turunen
050 551 6146
Hannele Kirveskoski
050 543 9608