The Representative Council is the highest decision-making body of the Student Union

The highest decision-making power in the Student Union is held by its 60-member Representative Council. The council also appoints HYY’s Board, which consists of 7–13 members and has parliamentary accountability to the Representative Council. The Representative Council is elected through the Representative Council elections every other year, where all HYY's members have the right to vote and run as a candidate.


The representative council decides on:

  • The Student Union’s budget
  • Financial statement
  • HYY’s constitution
  • Purchasing and selling of property


The representative council also elects:

  • Presiding officers of the Student Union
  • Board
  • Secretary General
  • Chief editor of Ylioppilaslehti


The Representative Council has meetings around once a month during academic terms, either in HYY’s own premises or in the University’s facilities on different campuses. The meetings begin at 5 pm, with executive Board’s question hour is held before the meeting from 4.30 pm onwards. The meeting agendas are published at least one week before the meeting on HYY’s noticeboard.

The Representative Council meetings can be viewed live or recordings of the meetings can also be found on HYY’s YouTube channel.

There are several different groups which act within the Representative Council and their meetings involve lively political discussion.

Meetings on Youtube Agendas and lists of decisions