Student activities

Events and a lively student life are possible because of active volunteer work. Enabling this is thus one of the most important tasks of our Student Union. In practice, this means awarding financial operating grants and providing advice and services to our volunteers. Our goal is that every single one of our members would find something meaningful to do besides their studies.


Would you like to meet students from all campuses, learn about organisations over disciplinary boundaries and enjoy communality on University campuses, city streets, parks and night clubs? Come to our events!

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Committees working for the common good

HYY’s committees focus on brainstorming and organising activities for our different sectors. This translates to organising events, supporting organisations, influencing educational policy and developing our University community, for instance.

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Something for everyone: over 250 student organisations operate under HYY

Organisational activities that are open to everyone accumulate practical experiences and bring together like-minded people. Whether you are interested in subject or faculty organisations, student nations, politics, music, sports or culture, there is something for you among our organisations. And if you cannot find a suitable organisation, you can always establish one yourself!

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We support our active volunteers

We provide our organisations with operating grants and separate grants for organisation papers and purchasing furniture. In addition to financial grants, there are facilities and equipment available for committees and organisations as well as the organisation wiki, which provides an introduction to associations.


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