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Problems with accounting? Puzzled by the GDPR? We are prepared to help you and your organisation in the highs and lows of organisational activities! Instructions and advice are available in our organisation wiki (in Finnish) and from Pykälä’s legal advice and our specialists. In addition to this, this guide also features instructions on how your organisation can apply to operate under HYY.

Organisation wiki

Organisation wiki

The organisation wiki is an online service for all organisational actors to share and collect information. The wiki includes information on operating under HYY and on associations in general. It also provides help and tips aimed at running organisations’ routine operations as well as to support their individual officials. The wiki is currently only available in Finnish.

The organisation wiki

Pykälä’s legal advice

Pykälä’s legal advice

Pykälä’s legal advice helps organisations operating under us in difficult situations. You can contact their legal advice if you have trouble with a legal problem related to organisational activities. Besides general legal advice, Pykälä’s legal advice also provides guidance on drafting documents and checks finalised documents.

Pykälä's legal advice

Applying to operate under HYY

  • Organisations applying to operate under us must complete an application form in the TAHLO system and submit the required attachments either through TAHLO or directly to our Services Office. In addition to this, they must inform our specialist in charge of organisations about applying. There are usually two application periods in a year, with their schedule always confirmed early in the year. Normally, the application periods end in February and September.

  • Organisations operating under us must follow the Rules for Organisations Operating under HYY. In addition to this, organisations are expected to annually submit certain documents related to their activities through the TAHLO system.

  • All associations formed by the students of the University of Helsinki do not automatically operate under us. The organisations that are accepted into our organisation register – that is, that operate under us – may use the organisational services we provide. These organisations also get their description included in the student calendar and the opportunity to showcase themselves to all students at the Opening Carnival.

  • Organisations applying to operate under us do not need to be registered. However, the operating grants awarded to unregistered associations may be smaller than the grants awarded to registered associations.

Guidance services

Guidance services

If you cannot find the answers to questions you have on organisational activities from the organisation wiki or elsewhere online, you can always contact us. Our Services Office helps you with questions concerning our facilities and the equipment that can be reserved, whereas our specialist in charge of organisations provides advice in other issues.

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