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Our Student Union’s decisions are made by the Representative Council, which consists of 60 students and is elected every two years. The Council appoints HYY’s Board, which has 12 members this year. The Board is supported in its daily activities by HYY’s personnel and several committees.

The Representative Council

The Representative Council is in charge of decision-making in our Student Union. The Council consists of 60 students who are elected every two years. All our members are entitled to vote and run as a candidate in the elections. The Representative Council makes decisions on issues such as HYY’s Constitution and budget as well as appoints the Board. The Representative Council meets around once a month during academic terms. If you wish, you can follow its meetings from the comforts of your home as a live broadcast!

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Our Student Union’s Board holds the decision-making power in matters that have not been separately assigned to our Representative Council. All members of our Board have their own areas of responsibility, which they work on during their term. The work of the members of HYY’s Board includes meeting with representatives of the University, organising events and looking after students’ interests. Our Board works in close cooperation with our specialists at HYY’s Central Office.

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Our personnel take care of our Student Union’s daily activities in cooperation with the Board. Our staff members include the secretary general, several specialists and office secretaries. Our specialists are happy to help you in the twists and turns of student life, and you can contact them at any time.

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Eight committees working for the common good

HYY’s committees focus on brainstorming and organising activities for our different sectors. This translates to organising events, supporting organisations, influencing educational policy and developing our University community, for instance.

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Ylva is a company owned by our Student Union. Its profits make active student life possible. Ylva has already been a part of the Helsinki cityscape for 150 years, and it conducts its business by looking far into the future. Ylva provides our Student Union with responsible financial management, with the creation of sustainable solutions for future generations at the core of its business activities.

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