Student Union

HYY, the Student Union of the University of Helsinki, was founded in 1868. Our organisation consists of the Representative Council, Board and committees – all made up of students – as well as our personnel. We advocate students’ interests at the levels of the University, the city and society.

By students, for students

Our Student Union’s decisions are made by the Representative Council, which consists of 60 students and is elected every two years. The Representative Council appoints HYY’s Board, which has 12 members this year. The Board is supported in its daily activities by HYY’s personnel and several committees.

Meet our organisation

We influence matters at the University, in the city and in society

We improve students’ status at the University, in the city and in society. We promote and defend issues that are important to students. Our advocacy work takes many forms: we meet decision-makers, publish statements and opinion pieces, run campaigns and participate in meetings and working groups. In addition to this, we support active students in their work.

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