• Vote in the Representative Council elections

      You can vote electronically at vaalit.hyy.fi from Wednesday to Friday on 26–28 October and from Monday to Wednesday on 31 October–2 November at 10 AM to 8 PM. Voting is done using your University user account, and you are entitled to vote in the elections if you are a basic degree student and have registered for attendance or if you are a postgraduate or exchange student who has become a member of HYY.

      You can find the list of candidates in a separate PDF file below.

      To thank you for using your vote and to honour Finnish election traditions UniCafe will offer everyone who has voted coffee and buns. Coffee and buns are served in all open UniCafes (26–28 October and 31 October–2 November). You can claim your coffee and bun by showing the email that you receive once you’ve voted. You are entitled to one coffee and bun only.

      Edustajistovaalit 2022 ehdokasnumerot ENG
  • Candidates in the Representative Council elections may form various electoral coalitions. The representatives of the coalitions can give you an invitation code required to become their candidate.

    Electoral coalitions may form larger entities among themselves. These are known as electoral alliances.


    The following electoral coalitions have currently been established for the elections:


    • Keskeiset (Anna Alaraappana, anna.alaraappana@helsinki.fi)
    • Kokoomus (Mikko Kanervo, mikko.kanervo@helsinki.fi)


    • HELP LKS ja HLKS (Joonatan Haapalainen, joonatan.haapalainen@gmail.com)
    • HELP Pykälä/Codex/Justus (Joonatan Haapalainen, joonatan.haapalainen@gmail.com)
    • HELP YFK and EKY (Joonatan Haapalainen, joonatan.haapalainen@gmail.com)


    • HYAL Keskustakampus (Jonna Rättyä, vaalit@hyal.fi)
    • HYAL Viikki-Kumpula- Meilahti (Jonna Rättyä, vaalit@hyy.fi)


    • HYYn Vihreät – De Gröna vid HUS – Helsinki University Greens (Teemu Kovanen)
    • Opiskelijoiden Sosialidemokraattinen Yhdistys (Joanna Ahola, joanna.ahola@helsinki.fi)
    • Sitoutumaton vasemmisto (Jonna Rajala, jonna.x.rajala@helsinki.fi)

    Osakunnat & Svenska Nationer Ämnesföreningar

    • Osakunnat 1 (Sanni Nieminen, unioni-hallitus@helsinki.fi)
    • Osakunnat 2 (Emilia Roponen, osakunnat-pj@helsinki.fi)
    • Svenska Nationer och Ämnesföreningar (Aravind Krishnan, )
    • Registering as the representative of an electoral coalition

      Inform the election coordinator (vaalit@hyy.fi) that you will be acting as the representative of electoral coalition x. The election coordinator will create a representative account for the coalition’s representative to help them administer the coalition. Before receiving the account, however, each representative of an electoral coalition must first undergo short training on using the system with the election coordinator, through Zoom, for instance. Once the electoral coalition has been added into the system, candidates will be able to register as its candidates.