All students pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree at the University of Helsinki are members of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. To become a member, you need to pay our membership fee in connection with your annual registration. As HYY’s member, you are entitled to the numerous benefits and services we provide.

Become our member while completing your annual registration

This year, 2024, the annual registration is open from 1 April to 2 September. After this, you can still change your information for the spring term. Postgraduate students can become our members at any time. Exchange students must join us at the beginning of the academic year or semester.

University's guide for annual registration Instructions for exchange students 2024-2025 Instructions for exchange students spring 2025

The membership fee entitles you to the student card and our member benefits and services

Student Union’s membership fee is paid in connection with the annual registration in the OILI system. The membership fee (€57 for basic-degree students for the whole academic year) can also be paid as a bank transfer. In addition to the membership fee, which is used to fund our services and benefits, you can participate in the development cooperation collection (€5.80) and pay the student nation membership fee (€12).

We offer our members many different benefits and services. We offer, for example, a child care service, legal advice, and offer support if you experience harassment in our community. If something about student life has you confused, our Survival Guide provides answers to most common questions. With your student card you get many discounts, such as discounted tickets to public transport and all kinds of shops.

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When registering for non-attendance, your membership is temporarily suspended

When you register for non-attendance for an academic term or year, you will temporarily lose your right to use the benefits and services we provide as well as your right to vote in the Representative Council elections. If you have already paid the membership fee, it can be refunded to you.

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