Health and Wellbeing

It is easier for you to enjoy studying when you are healthy and motivated! Thankfully, you have the FSHS, municipal healthcare services and the Student Union all taking care of your health. We influence health promotion in various working groups and provide support for finding help to ensure that your studies are as pleasant and effortless as possible.

This guide provides you with information on student healthcare as well as help for different crisis situations.


Look after your health and wellbeing

The health care fee for higher education students

The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) is there to support your health and wellbeing during your studies. The FSHS provides low-threshold services in general health, oral health and mental health as well as promotes the wellbeing of study communities.

FSHS payment is NOT collected as part of the Student Union’s membership fee. Instead, all students entitled to use the services are responsible for making the payment for each academic term themselves in Kela’s e-service.

You can make the payment here

Please note that an unpaid fee will lead to a reminder from Kela for which it collects a late fee. If it remains unpaid even after the reminder, the fee can be withheld from student aid and, ultimately, referred to the enforcement authorities.

If you cannot use Kela’s e-service, further information will be provided Kela’s website

Start using Self to access services online!

Self is an online service that allows students to manage their contacts with the FSHS. Through Self, you can manage your contact details and appointments, use contact forms, communicate via chat and start a remote consultation. Register to use Self right at the beginning of the academic year!

Start Using Self
  • Helsinki Töölö

    Töölönkatu 37 A, 00260 Helsinki
    ma–to klo 8–15, pe klo 8–14

    Helsinki Malmi

    Malmin kauppatie 8, 00700 Helsinki
    ma–to klo 8–15, pe klo 8–14

    Treatment need assessments and appointments

    Through the chat service:
    Mon–Fri at noon–2 pm

    Mon–Thu 8 am–3 pm, Fri 8 am–2 pm
    General and mental health services 046 710 1073
    Oral health services 046 710 1085

    Check out the current opening hours and read more about student healthcare and the FSHS’s services at

Health and wellbeing instructions for students

Health and wellbeing instructions for students

The University of Helsinki has put together health and wellbeing instructions to help students in both common and uncommon problem situations.

Ask for a doctor’s note when visiting the doctor, just in case. You may need it for Kela, for instance, in case your sickness is prolonged and you have to suspend your studies because of it.

Check Out the Instructions Kela’s Instructions on Students’ Sick Leaves

Health promotion

Health promotion

The most important task of the FSHS is promoting student health. FSHS has health work groups in all its locations, which are responsible for their own part of the activities according to the annual schedule planned for student community work, as well as local projects. The working group meets about four times a year, creates an action plan for itself and maintains active contact with student organisations and the university with the aim of motivating, training and informing partners working in the community about health promotion work.

At each meeting of the working group, the members of FSHS, the university’s student services, the student union, Unisport and the students of the faculties have their say. In the working group, you can therefore bring up current issues related to the well-being of students. There will be YTHS experts from various fields as well as representatives from the student union, university staff and Unisport. Students are represented by representatives chosen from among the faculty organisations.

We represent you in the FSHS’s administration and health promotion work!

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Municipal healthcare

Municipal healthcare

Do you need acute treatment but the FSHS is closed? As a student, you are entitled to use the health centres of your municipality of residence or study. Municipal healthcare services are open around the clock.

Helsinki Health Stations Espoo Health Centres Vantaa Health Centres

Help for difficult situations

    • Study psychologists

      Study psychologists are there for you when you need support in questions related to studying skills, motivation, time management or coping. Study psychologists offer both individual and group counselling to all basic degree students of the University of Helsinki.

    • Nyyti

      Nyyti ry supports students’ mental wellbeing through peer support. The organisation provides students with an opportunity to talk about issues weighing on their mind using a discussion forum, a chat and various online groups.

      In Nyyti’s group chat, you can exchange thoughts, share experiences and discuss various topics that concern student life. Occasionally, the chats have a preset theme, while at other times there is no particular theme. The chats are held every other Thursday at 6–8 pm.

    • University chaplains

      Would you like to talk to someone? Are you troubled by thoughts of loneliness, the future or perhaps your study motivation? You can talk to the university chaplains about anything regardless of your beliefs. You can meet the chaplains when they are on call on different campuses or contact them to arrange an appointment.

      Meet the university chaplains

    • Finnish Association for Mental Health

      MIELI ry provides help for crises you may have in your life. In acute situations, help is provided by the crisis helpline that you can call anonymously. The helpline has mental health professionals and trained volunteers on call. MIELI also has peer support groups aimed especially at young people.

      MIELI’s crisis helpline (09 2525 0113) is open

      • Mondays and Tuesdays 11 AM – 3 PM
      • Wednesdays 1 PM – 4 PM and 5 PM – 9 PM
      • Thursdays 10 AM – 3 PM
      • Fridays 9 AM – 1 PM on a different number (09 2525 0112)
    • Sekasin chat

      The Sekasin chat is a chat maintained by the Finnish Association for Mental Health. On the chat, you can discuss issues weighing on your mind anonymously with mental health professionals and trained volunteers. The chat is open on every day of the year, at 7 am–midnight from Monday to Friday and at 3 pm–midnight on Saturdays and Sundays. You can discuss any issue weighing on your mind on the chat.

    • Nuorten kriisipiste

      Kriisipiste provides free and confidential discussion help with a crisis worker to 12–29-year-old young people, adults, couples and the families of young people. An on-call service is available at 9–11 am on Tue–Thu at Albertinkatu 33, while a phone service for counselling and making appointments (045 3410 583) is open at 9–11 am on Mon–Thu.

    • Rape Crisis Centre Tukinainen

      Rape Crisis Centre Tukinainen provides support, help and advice to victims of sexual crimes, their families and those who work with victims regardless of gender. You can call its free crisis helpline (0800 97 899) at 9 am–5 pm on Mon–Thu and at 3–9 pm on Fri–Sun.

    • Women’s Line

      Women’s Line (0800 0 2400) is a free helpline providing advice and support to women and girls who have experienced violence or the threat of violence as well as their families. All calls are confidential, and you can call the helpline anonymously. Advice in Finnish is available at 4–8 pm on Mon–Fri and at noon–4 pm on Sat–Sun, while help in English is available at 4–8 pm on Fridays. The chat is open at 5–7 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.