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Student Representatives

We students have our own positions in the University’s arenas of power – from the executive groups of degree programmes to the University’s highest decision-making bodies. The student representatives in these positions ensure that students’ interests are not trampled upon when making decisions that concern studies and student life. They voice students’ opinions in meetings, advance and defend issues that are important to students and, in cooperation with the staff, develop the University to look increasingly like its students. Anyone can become a voice for students – including you!

You could be a student representative!

Current news for student representatives

Training sessions and events

Support for advocacy work

We support students’ opportunities to influence matters at the University by collecting useful sources of information for student advocates as well as the materials from training events organised by HYY into one place.

Materials from training and info sessions

Did you miss a training event? No worries! You can find the materials from HYY’s training and information events aimed at student representatives, study advisors and others interested in study affairs right here. We've also collected some of our useful guides here to help you. The guide to student representatives’ work aimed at international students is a useful info package for representatives working in Finnish and Swedish too, as well as for those aiming to become one!