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Student Representatives

Student representative, this guide is for you! It includes information and tools to support you in your advocacy work at the University, current news and events for student representatives as well as materials produced by HYY. We want the guide to be useful for you and will update it continuously – please give us feedback if you have any wishes for it!

We students have our own positions in the University’s arenas of power – from the steering groups of degree programmes to the University’s highest decision-making bodies. The student representatives in these positions voice students’ opinions in meetings and advance and defend issues that are important to students. This way, in cooperation with the staff, we develop the University to look increasingly like its students.

We hope you stay motivated and have success with changing the University! Remember that you never have to do advocacy work alone. Students have power in numbers!

You could be a student representative!

Current news for student representatives

Training sessions and events

Where do student representatives act?

How can student representatives influence matters?

Keep up to date!

Follow these channels to keep up to date with changes taking place at the University, the preparation work for decision-making processes as well as HYY’s advocacy work!

Support for advocacy work

We support students’ opportunities to influence matters at the University by collecting useful sources of information for student advocates as well as the materials from training events organised by HYY into one place.

Materials from training and info sessions

Did you miss out on a training event? No worries! Here, you will find material from HYY’s training and information events for student representatives, study advisors and everyone else interested in study affairs as well as the guides published by HYY. The guide on student representatives’ work aimed at international students also serves as a useful info package for Finnish- and Swedish-speaking representatives and those aiming to become one!

Student representative’s glossary

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Whenever wondering something related to being a student representative, don't hesitate to contact our student representative specialist.

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