It is time to select a fresh batch of brave student representatives for the highest decision-making bodies in the University! We are looking for student representatives for the next two-year term, 1 January 2022–31 December 2023. Read on to learn more about the bodies in question and apply!

WHAT: We are looking for motivated, enthusiastic student representatives who get excited about advocacy work for the faculty councils and the University Collegium. These are among the highest decision-making bodies in the University – you are guaranteed to have an impact!

WHO FOR: You can represent the faculty in which you are registered for attendance. Feel free to apply to both administrative bodies!

HOW: Submit your application in the Halloped application system.

WHEN: The application period is 20 September–17 October 2021.

WHY: Because advocacy work, learning new things, credits and meeting fees!




Each faculty has a council chaired by the dean. The faculty councils are responsible for developing teaching and research at the faculties, controlling quality management, processing any plans on the development of the faculty and deciding on issues such as degree requirements, teaching schedules and student selection criteria. In other words, the councils have many important influencing opportunities for students! The working language of the faculty councils is Finnish, although it may be possible to use other languages in the meetings by agreement.

What have faculty councils been working on lately?

–  In 2021, faculty councils have been preparing the selection of their new deans. Students have also been represented in the groups preparing the selections!

–  In 2020, faculty councils made changes to the registration for study tracks and extended the transition period for those studying in old teaching structures because of the pandemic.

–  In 2020, a proposal was made to use 100% certificate-based admissions for those who have not graduated from general upper secondary schools in the Bachelor’s Programme in Economics. However, the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences decided to retain admissions based on entrance exams for this group!

–  In 2019, the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Pharmacy made a proposal to establish a new Master’s Programme in Pharmaceutical Research Development and Safety to the Rector. In 2020, the faculty council tweaked its proposal. The programme has since been approved, and it will start in 2022!



The collegium has representation from the entire University community: professors, other personnel, and students. Each faculty as well as the Swedish School of Social Science has student representation in it. The collegium appoints the external members of the University Board, appoints the chancellor and auditors and confirms the University’s financial statements and annual report. In addition to this, the collegium meets to assess the direction of the University’s development. The working language of the University Collegium is Finnish, although it may be possible to use other languages in the meetings by agreement.

What has the collegium been working on during the current student representatives’ term?

–  The collegium confirmed the selections made by HYY’s Representative Council for student representatives in the University Board for the term 2022–2023.

–  In 2020, a student served among the chairs of the collegium! In this administrative body, a student could even serve as the chair of the entire collegium!

–  The collegium decides on the composition and size of the University Board. A student member of the collegium made a proposal on the size of the Board that starts its term with a new composition in 2022.

–  A student member also proposed shortening the term of external members on the Board from four to two years. Students have the opportunity to make proposals in the collegium, and they have clearly used this opportunity!



There are two requirements: you must be a student registered for attendance in the faculty whose representative you are applying to become and you may only be employed by the University if your working hours are a maximum of 50 per cent of normal working hours and your contract lasts a maximum of 6 months. You do not need to have previous experience of working in administration, but it is considered an advantage. High motivation and the desire to advocate students’ interests are considered important. Contacts with the subject organisations in your faculty, for instance, are also considered as advantages.



Apply by 11.59 pm on 17 October 2021 through the Halloped application system. The website has further details on how many positions for student representatives are available for your faculty. You can apply to both the Collegium and the faculty council! We assume that you are available for the positions of both an actual member and a vice member.

Write a short application, stating your current major or degree programme and study track as well as your student number. (The student number is only used to verify your faculty and attendance status. The information will be deleted after they have been verified.) The following are also considered as advantages:

  • Your motivation towards serving in the position
  • Your views on matters occurring in the faculty and at the University
  • Your connections with faculty and subject organisations
  • Previous experience as a student representative in administration, as a study advisor or in other student advocacy work positions

Check details of your faculty’s positions in Halloped application system. You can also read more about being a studentrepresentative from HYY’s website. For further information on the positions and the application process, please contact:

Selection Coordinator Timo Kalliokoski, tel. 050 570 2295, timo.kalliokoski@hyy.fi

Specialist in Educational Policy Marianna Suokas, tel. 050 325 5202, marianna.suokas@hyy.fi.