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Welcome to the Student Union!

We have been waiting for you for 150 years – welcome to the student community, fresher 2018!

One of the best things about studying at the University of Helsinki is its diverse student community – and as a new student you are a part of it. 2018 is a unique year to start your studies at the University of Helsinki, as the Student Union of the University of Helsinki, also known as HYY, turns 150 years old! Together we are the largest and oldest student union in Finland, and we want to welcome you as our member! This year, HYY is celebrating its 150th Anniversary in grand fashion throughout the autumn. Read more about HYY’s Anniversary year here:

The Student Union looks after your interests at the University and in society, supports organisational activities, organises various events and offers member benefits and services from the student calendar to legal help. Get to know your student union – the most fun way to do so is in the Fresher Adventure on 28 September and the Opening Carnival on 3 September!

How to Join?

All undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Helsinki are automatically members of HYY Student Union. Exchange students are encouraged to join HYY.

Read about membership terms and fees.

Student Card, Member Benefits and Member Services

As a member of HYY Student Union, you may order the only official Student Card in Finland! The Student Card provides you with numerous discounts, including VR national railway, Matkahuolto long distance bus services and inexpensive student meals in student restaurants and cafés from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. The Student Card makes student life easy and fun!

More information about the Student Card and how to order it from

Members of HYY are provided with free or highly affordable health care services by the Finnish Student Health Service (FSFH).

HYY also looks after students’ interests at the university and in society and gives advice when needed.

Find out more about HYY member benefits and services.

Friends and Activities

HYY Student Union is the university students’ own community. HYY organizes several student events throughout the academic year, from Opening Carnival and Fresher Adventure to HYY Anniversary Week and the celebrations of May Day.

Student organisations

The student organisation culture in Helsinki is exceptionally rich and diverse. More than 250 different student organisations operate within HYY, and they organise thousands of events every year. Join the fun and get to know other international students as well as Finnish students!

Find out more about HYY's student organisations.

Welcome Fair on 28-29 August

At the Welcome Fair you can take care of all your paperwork, get information about various university services (including language courses, sports facilities, university libraries) and get to know some of the student organisations operating within HYY! The board members of the student union are there to meet you and tell you about our work, events and services. See you in August!

Experience the Fresher Adventure on 28 September

Join the largest fresher event in Finland, meet your new University mates and get to know the students’ city! The Fresher Adventure is a city orienteering event for HYY’s first-year students, with 3,000 new students and 100 checkpoints involved. Form your own team out of your fresher friends to tour the checkpoints of HYY, student organisations and the University. Complete tasks and win fabulous prizes! Further information is available on the Fresher Adventure website.

Get to know student organisations at the Opening Carnival on 3 September

HYY, student organisations and the University combine their strength at the Opening Carnival. At the Carnival, you can enjoy music, food and your new friends at the University as well as get to know the different student organisations and add to your overall badge collection. In 2018, the Opening Carnival is held at 2 pm–6 pm on Monday 3 September on the City Centre campus: in the Main Building, in Porthania and on the streets near the buildings!

Find out more about HYY’s events.

Exercising and wellbeing

UniSport is an exercise centre for students on six campuses. Welcome to explore the world of both traditional sports and the latest trends and find your own way to move. Read more about UniSport’s services here.

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How to Get Involved with HYY?

All members of HYY may influence in its actions. You can join the committee activities, give feedback to the Board or the members of the Representative Council or aim at decision-making yourself. The easiest way to influence is to vote in the Representative Council elections.

More information about influencing in HYY.

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