Sisu is at your disposal!

Sisu exists for you and your studies! As a student, you can use Sisu to plan your studies, sign up for courses and, when the time comes, submit your request for graduation. Read more below!

What is Sisu?

Sisu provides you with a clearer path from the commencement of studies to graduation as well as makes it possible to take care of things digitally. Your study plan in Sisu helps you keep up to date on your study progress and shows you which studies you have completed and which you are still missing from your degree in a visual format. You can also receive feedback on your plan and ask questions from your supervisor directly through Sisu.

You can do the following in Sisu:

  • Plan and schedule your studies
  • Sign up for teaching
  • Apply for credit transfer
  • View the assessment of your studies
  • Submit an assessment request for study modules
  • Apply for a degree certificate
  • Apply for an extension

In Sisu, you must plan your studies before registering for teaching. In practice, you must first add a course to your study plan and then register for the course. However, the planning and scheduling of studies does not mean that the selection of studies available would be reduced. All study units offered by the University of Helsinki can be found in Sisu. You can also flexibly edit your study plan as your studies progress – it does not have to be completed at once.

If you have started your studies using WebOodi and moved to Sisu in spring 2021, some course information may be shown incorrectly in your study plan or be in the ‘Add to the plan’ sidebar. In such cases, for instance, you can use the free edit mode to move the courses into their correct places. Check out the instructions on getting started with using Sisu as well as solutions to potential issues with information transferred from WebOodi.

From WebOodi to Sisu?

Sisu brought along changes to many things in spring 2021, and getting used to new things may take a while. The video below explains what the change is all about in just a couple of minutes!

You can check out a video from an orientation event for students held on 25 February 2021.

You can also view a recording from an info session for students held on 11 November 2020. The info session, which was livestreamed from Think Corner, addressed changes that Sisu has brought to studying and featured answers to questions made by students. The event was held in Finnish, but the recording has subtitles in all three languages


See on Youtube

Orientation event for students

Info session 11 Nov 2020

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