Join the Committees!

Are you inspired by event production, environment, activities in student organisations or development cooperation, for instance? Get involved with our committees’ activities! In the committees, you get to do things that interest you and meet new people. New members’ evenings are organised in September and October, but everyone is definitely welcome to join the action at any time!

Environmental Committee, September 9

Do environmental issues make you want to act and improve environmental awareness at the University? In the Environmental Committee, you will get to take part in organising environmentally themed events, excursions and movie nights as well as just hang out in like-minded company. Join us to brainstorm things for the autumn!

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Studies Committee, September 11

Join the Studies Committee’s activities! The Studies Committee operates as part of the Student Union’s activities related to advocacy work and educational policy. In our activities, you will get to meet others working with study affairs, conduct study advocacy work covering the entire Student Union and hear about new developments in higher education policy. Everyone interested in educational policy from freshers to experienced organisational pros is welcome to join the Committee’s activities!

In our new members’ evening, you will get to learn about our activities, meet other actives and spend a fun evening in the company of awesome people!

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Events Committee, September 12

Do you have wild ideas for events or a burning desire to organise them? Are you sick and tired of going through theories, preferring to use your skills in practice instead? In Events Committee HUMU, you will get to look behind the curtain of HYY’s events and influence their contents yourself! HUMU will let you work on action-packed campaigns and parties together with the best possible group of people. As part of our event team, you will get the opportunity to highlight your own competences and put forward your own ideas. You are just the person we want!

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Campus Farming Committee, September 25

Tomatoes on the City Centre campus or pumpkins in Kumpula? The Campus Farming Committee coordinates urban farming on different campuses and organises events for everyone interested in its activities. Farming connects students and the University’s staff members on the summery campuses. Come and meet us at the new members’ evening!

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Development Cooperation Committee, October 2

Are you interested in global justice? Would you like to join HYY’s committee activities? Did you know that your Student Union is involved in development cooperation? Or that it has a project in Mozambique? Come and spend a relaxed evening with us and get know our Committee!

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Bilingualism Committee, October 2

Do you want to promote the Swedish language at the University, in the Student Union or in the FSHS, for instance? In the Bilingualism Committee, you will get to both conduct advocacy work and create events. The most important event of the committee’s year is the Finnish Swedish Heritage Day in November. Come and meet us at new members’ evening!

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Students Organisations Committee, October 7

What on earth is the Student Organisations Committee and what does it actually do? Can I have a say on what the Committee does this year?

You will get an answer to these questions by coming to the Student Organisations Committee’s new members’ evening. Come and learn about the activities of the Student Organisations Committee and meet its members in a relaxed fashion! You can also take part in low-threshold brainstorming for the upcoming year’s events for organisational actors.

Do not hesitate to join us!

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Community Development Committee, October 8

Do you want to be part of making our Student Union more equal, inclusive and open? Have you noticed defects that you wish you could work on? Let’s make HYY an even better community and student union than before – for all of us!

Join the Community Development Committee, or Code for short, to promote participation, communality, equality and equal opportunities to participate and influence matters.