Apply to the steering group of your degree programme!


Are you interested in what kind of teaching is organised in your degree programme? This is your chance to influence matters! The Student Union of the University of Helsinki is looking for two actual and two vice members for the steering groups of all degree programmes (with the exception of the steering groups of the bachelor’s programme and doctoral programmes of the Swedish School for Social Science) for the term 1 January 2021–31 December 2022. 

We have extended the period for applications until 14 October for those executive groups to which we have not received at least as many applicants as there are open positions of student representative. See if your own programme is included in the list of extended calls for applications at the bottom of this bulletin!


Each degree programme at the University of Helsinki has a steering group that supports the director of the degree programme and processes the central issues related to the degree programme’s operation. Two actual and two vice members represent students in each steering group.

The preparation of the curriculum and deciding on the annual teaching schedule are particularly important issues for students to influence: steering groups define the framework for what courses are taught in the schedule, which studies are compulsory for everyone, how much optional studies can be included in degrees, what kind of study material and teaching methods are used on courses and what methods to complete courses each course has. In addition to this, steering groups process issues related to student admissions in the degree programme and the use of teaching and facility resources, for instance.

As a member of the steering group, you will get to influence the teaching provided in the degree programme and make students’ voice heard while also forming useful networks. You can also get credits for acting in the steering group.


Student members of the steering groups of degree programmes act as the students’ voice in the University’s decision-making processes. There are only two requirements: you must be registered for attendance at the University of Helsinki and you must have a justified connection to the degree programme whose steering group you are applying for (e.g. a study right or the intention to complete studies in the programme).

No special skills are required – having the desire to learn and the motivation to act as a student representative is of primary importance. Thoroughly reading the meeting material before the meeting, asking for the opinions of – depending on the situation – either your fellow students or subject organisation on the issues on the meeting agenda and speaking up at the meeting itself are quite enough to be successful in the position. The Student Union also trains the selected student representatives in administration and provides support and its expertise for their work in University administration.


Applications should be submitted at beta.halloped.fi by 5 October 2020.

The application should clearly indicate your experience as relevant to the position, your motivation and your current major and/or degree programme and study orientation. If you do not currently have a study right in the programme whose steering group you are applying for, please also justify your connection to the programme in your application. The Student Union considers the following as advantages:

  • Motivation and commitment to serve in the position
  • Previous experience of acting as a student representative in administration, as a study advisor or in some other position related to student advocacy work
  • Connection to the students of the degree programme, readiness to communicate to them about the work of the steering group and readiness to chart and represent students’ views on the development of the degree programme.

The selection committees may interview applicants at their discretion. If an interview is organised, it will follow this schedule. If the time for interviews is not suitable for you, this does not prevent you from applying for the position. The Student Union hopes to see applications from representatives of different genders and people in different stages of their studies from diverse backgrounds. We assume you to be available for the positions of both an actual member and a vice member. The Student Union strives to consider different disciplines’ representation when making the selections.

Further information on acting in the steering group of a degree programme and the call for applications is given by

Teemu Palkki

Jenna Sorjonen
Specialist for Higher Education Policy


Degree programmes with extended calls for applications (until 14 October):

Faculty of Agricultural and Forest Science

  • Bachelor’s Programme in Agricultural Sciences
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Forest Sciences
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Environmental and Food Economics
  • Master’s Programme in Food Economy and Consumption
  • Master’s Programme in Food Sciences
  • Master’s Programme in Human Nutrition and Food Behaviour
  • Master’s Programme in Agricultural, Environmental and Resource Economics
  • Master’s Programme in Agricultural Sciences
  • Master’s Programme in Forest Sciences
  • Master’s Programme in Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology

Faculty of Arts

  • Bachelor’s Programme in Philosophy
  • Bachelor’s Programme in History
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Languages
  • Bachelor’s Programme in the Languages and Literatures of Finland
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Cultural Studies
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Art Studies
  • Master’s Programme in Area and Cultural Studies
  • Master’s Programme in English Studies
  • Master’s Programme in History
  • Master’s Programme in Linguistic Diversity in the Digital Age
  • Master’s Programme in Languages
  • Master’s Programme in Literary Studies
  • Master’s Programme in Intercultural Encounters
  • Master’s Programme in Cultural Heritage
  • Master’s Programme in Translation and Interpreting
  • Master’s Programme in Scandinavian Languages and Literature
  • Master’s Programme in Gender Studies
  • Master’s Programme in Finnish and Finno-Ugrian Languages and Cultures
  • Master’s Programme in Art Studies
  • Master’s Programme in Russian Studies

Faculty of Bio and Environmental Sciences

  • Bachelor’s programme in Biology
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Molecular Biosciences
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Environmental Sciences
  • Master’s Programme in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Master’s Programme in Genetics and Molecular Biosciences
  • Master’s Programme in Integrative Plant Sciences
  • Master’s Programme in Neuroscience
  • Master’s Programme in Environmental Change and Global Sustainability

Faculty of Educational Sciences

  • Master’s Programme in Education

Faculty of Law

  • Master’s Programme in International Business Law

Faculty of Medicine

  • Master’s Programme in Logopedics
  • Master’s Programme in Psychology
  • Degree Programme in Dentistry

Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Bachelor’s Programme in Pharmacy
  • Master’s Programme in Pharmacy

Faculty of Science

  • Bachelor’s Programme in Geosciences
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Chemistry
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Science
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Geography
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Mathematic Sciences
  • Bachelor’s Programme for Teachers of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Computer Science
  • Master’s Programme in Particle Physics and Astrophysical Sciences
  • Master’s Programme in Data Science
  • Master’s Programme in Geology and Geophysics
  • Master’s Programme in Atmospheric Sciences
  • Master’s Programme in Urban Studies and Planning
  • Master’s Programme in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences
  • Master’s Programme in Life Science Informatics
  • Master’s Programme in Geography
  • Master’s Programme in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Master’s Programme for Teachers of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
  • Master’s Programme in Materials Research
  • Master’s Programme in Theoretical and Computational Methods
  • Master’s Programme in Computer Science

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Bachelor’s Programme in Economics
  • Master’s Programme in European and Nordic Studies
  • Master’s Programme in Philosophy
  • Master’s Programme in Global Politics and Communication
  • Master’s Programme in Contemporary Societies
  • Master’s Programme in Politics, Media and Communication
  • Master’s Programme in Social and Health Research and Management
  • Master’s Programme in Social Research
  • Master’s Programme in Economics
  • Master’s Programme in Society and Change
  • Swedish-language Master’s Programme in Social Sciences (samhällsvetenskaper)

Faculty of Theology

  • Bachelor’s Programme in Theology and Religious Studies
  • Master’s Programme in Theology and Religious Studies

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

  • Bachelor’s Programme in Veterinary Medicine
  • Licentiate’s Programme for Veterinary Medicine