Welcome to the student community, fresher 2023!

One of the best things about the University of Helsinki is its diverse student community – and as a new student, you are a part of it. We are the largest and oldest student union in Finland, and we want to welcome you as our member! The Student Union looks after your interests at the University and in society, supports organisational activities, organises various events and offers member benefits and services ranging from the student calendar to legal aid. Get to know your Student Union – the most fun way to do so is at our events this autumn!

To-do list for new students

Congratulations to you, new student of the University of Helsinki! Starting your studies and a new chapter in your life is, of course, the best thing ever – but not necessarily easy. That’s why we have made a to-do list in order to help you out.

To-do list for a new student

New to Finland?

Don’t worry! We’ve gathered all the information you need about the student union for international students. Joining HYY is voluntary for exchange students, but we encourage you to join us! As a member, you get access to student benefits all over Finland, and we can better safeguard your rights as a student in Finland.

New International Students

Order a student card

After you have registered for attendance at the University and paid HYY’s membership fee, you can order yourself a student card through the Frank service. Frank’s website also has hundreds of student discounts that you can use by registering to the online service. Further information on picking up the card and on different card types is available here.

Read more about student cards

Survival guide makes student life easier

If academic freedom leaves you puzzled, you can find help from our survival guide for students. The guide provides answers to questions you may have on subsistence, housing, public transport, health and wellbeing.

Survival guide

Join us!

Follow the Student Union to keep up-to-date

During academic terms, we will send HYY’s member newsletter to your email every other week! We recommend that you also follow HYY’s social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Current news are also available in their own section on this website.

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