Parliamentary elections 2023

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The parliamentary elections are held to determine what kind of decision-makers will be making the decisions on matters related to students and education during the next parliamentary term! This page features all the important information on the elections and HYY’s election events.

HYY’s election events

    • Students’ mass voting event on 22 March

      Join the massive meetup for students of the Capital Region to go vote together on the first day of advance voting, 22 March 2023! The goal of the stunt is to form an impressive long queue of students in overalls at a polling station. Let’s work together to show everyone that students have power and are interested in making a difference!

      We will meet up at the Little Parliament Park (Pikkuparlamentin puisto at Arkadiankatu 3) at 11 am–12 noon. We will also be distributing overall badges to voters.

      Please note that everyone at the advance polling station must be allowed to vote in peace. Advertising any party, candidate or campaign at or near the polling station is forbidden.


      Further information on the event:

    • HYY’s election panel at Think Corner at 5–7 pm on 22 March

      We are organising an election panel for political parties at Think Corner on the first day of advance voting. In the panel, the parties will get to state their views on issues that concern students. Who will commit themselves to improving students’ subsistence? Who considers funding for education a decisive issue? We have reserved some time at the end of the panel for questions from the public, so come to the event and challenge the candidates! You can also grab yourself our overall badge at the event.



      Silja Borgarsdóttir Sandelin (Swedish People’s Party)

      Fatim Diarra (Greens)

      Marleena Isomaa (Finns Party)

      Konstantin Kouzmitchev (National Coalition Party)

      Sonja Lautamatti (Centre Party)

      Anna Lemström (Left Alliance)

      Jukka Palokangas (Christian Democrats)

      Nasima Razmyar (Social Democrats)


      Be there to ensure that students’ voice is heard!

      Link to the stream:

      The spoken language of the event is Finnish, and interpretation into English is available.

      Interpretation is available via Zoom. If you’re coming to Tiedekulma you need to bring your own head phones.

      Link to the interpretation:

    • HYY’s election tents on campuses

      We will be camping on campuses as part of our election campaign! Come say hi to parliamentary election candidates, try your luck at our Student Roulette and leave us your answer to the question ‘Why are you voting?’. During our campaign, we aim to collect 100 reasons why students should vote. You can play the Student Roulette at our tents at 12 noon and 2 pm. You will also have the opportunity to hear about our election goals and test the knowledge of members of our Board at our tents. We will be serving coffee and handing out HYY’s gorgeous election overall badges!

            • 7 March at 10 am–3 pm in Viikki (at Viikinkaari 11)
            • 14 March at 10 am–3 pm in Kumpula (at A. I. Virtasen aukio)
            • 22 March at 10 am–3 pm in the City Centre (in front of Porthania at Yliopistonkatu 3)
    • Further information

      You can contact Parliamentary Election Coordinator Tekla Kosonen on all questions related to the elections.

      050 477 5561

HYY’s election goals

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