Students’ Legal Protection in Studies

It is in everyone’s interests at the University that you are able to complete your studies smoothly all the way from the orientation on fresher week to graduation. To ensure this, the University of Helsinki has set some shared ground rules that outline the duties of students, teachers and other staff members.

As a student, you have both rights and obligations in your studies. For this reason, we recommend that you get to know the ground rules at the start of your studies and make sure to follow them by, for instance, signing up for exams in time, participating in teaching, returning assignments related to your studies within the time limit set for them and acting honestly. You have the right to trust the information provided by the University, to complete your studies and to be treated equally to other students.

In case you run into any trouble, we will support you in problem situations related to your studies and help you navigate the University’s maze of regulations!

What to do when faced with problems in studies?

    • Take it easy

      Even difficult situations tend to work out, and you should not lose sleep over studies. The smooth flow of studies is a shared goal for everyone at the University, and constructive negotiations often bring about solutions. Remember that HYY’s specialists are also there for you if needed.

    • Check out HYY’s Guide on Legal Protection

      It is a good idea to start solving problems by reading existing instructions. HYY’s Guide on Legal Protection may include a quick answer to your question. We have also collected the University’s instructions that you may find useful below.

    • Do not be afraid to contact us!

      If neither the Guide on Legal Protection nor the Instructions for Students has a solution for your problem, HYY’s specialist is ready to help you.

    • Do you need legal assistance in issues not related to studies?

      HYY’s members are entitled to free legal advice offered by the Legal Aid Committee of Pykälä ry. Advice on legal protection in Swedish is provided by Codex ry.

HYY’s Guide on Legal Protection

HYY’s Guide on Legal Protection

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