We are looking for candidates for the board of Svenska Studerandes Intresseförening (SSI) for 2021!

SSI is an umbrella association for Swedish-speaking and bilingual students. SSI’s main tasks include publishing the Studentbladet magazine and organizing events for Swedish-speaking and bilingual students. The members of SSI are, in addition to HYY, Aalto University’s Student Union (AYY), Arcada Student Union (ASK), Teknologföreningen and HYY’s Swedish-language student nations Nylands Nation, Östra Finlands Nation, Åbo Nation and Vasa nation.

SSI’s board for 2021 will be supplemented at the association’s spring meeting. Each member association will name their own candidates for the board. No more than two candidates can be chosen for the board from a single member association. In HYY’s quota there’s still room for one board member.

Applicants should send their freely written applications to HYY (hallinto@hyy.fi) by 11:59 pm on 20 April 2021. HYY will select its candidates based on their fluency in the Swedish language, their knowledge of HYY’s Swedish-speaking community and their previous experience of the administrative work that comes with working on a board. HYY’s representatives are expected to stay in close contact with HYY’s board on matters related to SSI. HYY’s candidate will be chosen according to the abovementioned criteria, so do bring them up in your application.

HYY’s Board will go through the applications and choose HYY’s candidates in its meeting on 21 April 2021. The applicants will be informed of the results afterwards. We also hope that if possible anyone applying to become HYY’s candidate can make it to SSI’s spring meeting at 18 pm on 26 December via Zoom.


Further information

Tuukka Kainulainen
Member of the Board (HYY)

Emil Widlund
Svenska Studerandes Intresseförening r.f.

Sammy Nurminen
Svenska Studerandes Intresseförening r.f.