To serve the entire community, the rector must defend the students


The process of selecting a new rector for the University of Helsinki is halfway through, and the Board of the University has now chosen four rector candidates for the public hearing stage. Before the new rector gets the keys to the University, however, they will have to endure a thorough inspection conducted by the entire University community. What do we as students want the rector of the University of Helsinki to be like?

We students want our University to be led by a rector who takes the diversity of our student community into account. What, then, do we consider the most important characteristics for a rector?

The rector is on the students’ side

A student-friendly rector knows how to put themselves in the students’ position when making decisions and is willing to listen to the student community on matters concerning our University. The rector must be ready to defend students not only at the University but also in society.

A student-friendly rector boldly highlights student perspectives in public discussion. They advocate for accessible, free, high-quality education. These are the basic pillars that make our University the best place to study in.

The rector defends the University’s values

The University of Helsinki only becomes the builder of education and sustainable wellbeing if the University’s core values are realised. These values are:

  • Freedom
  • Bildung
  • Truth
  • Inclusivity

The rector must serve as the guardian and realiser of the University’s values because they have a key role ensuring a brighter future at the University and in society. The rector must promote academic freedom and defend both national and global education.

Above all, we students and the student community hope that the new rector will be approachable. We want a rector who genuinely wants to make our University the best place for us to study in!

We will make sure that students’ voice is heard in the selection process and promise to let you know what is happening in the process – just follow HYY’s channels to keep up to date. You can also always contact us directly!

Member of the Board Teemu Kovanen and HYY’s educational policy sector