The HYY152 Anniversary Broadcast celebrates the student community and the 150-year-old Old Student House!


This year, we would like to invite all students of the University of Helsinki and friends of the Student Union to celebrate the 152-year-old Student Union of the University of Helsinki using a remote connection! The first anniversary broadcast in our history will get under way at 7 pm on Thursday 26 November. The day is noteworthy, as the legendary centre of student culture, the Old Student House, turns 150 years old on that very day.

Along with the new format, the Anniversary party itself will also be reformed to make it more like a gala. Viewers of the broadcast will get to nominate this year’s most distinguished teachers, organisation heroes and organisational acts in advance – with the winners announced and awarded their prizes during the broadcast. We will also get to hear decorous, surprising and topical speeches and greetings from both students and our honoured guests. In addition to all this, the evening will feature a dive into the eventful history of the Old Student House from the perspective of student culture.

The evening will culminate in a live performance by a top Finnish artist and then the Anniversary Afterparty, where a DJ will perform for the crowd in the liveliest remote party of the year. Throughout the Anniversary evening, you will also have the opportunity to participate in the official Anniversary Chat.

We encourage all members of HYY and friends of our Student Union to take part in celebrating this year’s Anniversary using a remote connection. You are most welcome to join us at 7–10 pm on Thursday 26 November to follow the HYY152 Anniversary Broadcast!

You can sign up to follow the Anniversary Broadcast here: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/hyy152/en

You can suggest Organisation Heroes here and participate in the Organisation Contest here. The winners will be announced at the anniversary broadcast on Thursday 26 November and they will receive a prize of 100 euros each.