Teemu Virtanen appointed as our new specialist in social policy


Our social policy sector was reinforced in August when Bachelor of Science Teemu Virtanen began work as one of our two specialists in social policy.

Teemu Virtanen is in charge of HYY’s advocacy work related to urban policy, housing and sports. Relevant interest groups in these areas will include Hoas, HSL and the FSHS. As a bonus, Teemu’s duties will also include next year’s parliamentary elections.

Teemu has graduated from the University of Oulu as Bachelor of Science, having specialised in biomedical physics. In his studies, he focused especially on a neurosurgical procedure known as deep brain stimulation. He has now continued his studies in the Master’s Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Oulu.

Teemu has already been active in the student movement for several years. In the Student Union of the University of Oulu, he served as the vice chair of the Board as well as the chair of the Representative Council. He has also spent one year as a member of the Board of the National Union of University Students in Finland. Before arriving at HYY, Teemu worked as a specialist of advocacy and influencing in Haaga-Helia’s Student Union Helga.

‘Health and wellbeing in particular have long been my main interests in the student movement! I’m also especially interested in the opportunity of looking into the themes of housing and the city at a much deeper level than before’, explains Teemu, already eager to get down to work.

Teemu originally hails from Seinäjoki and spends most of his free time with rescue dog Ruusa, who got a new home with Teemu in the spring. Outside working hours, you might also catch Teemu at the gym, for instance.

Teemu’s predecessor, Matias Takala, moved into a new position as a chief administrative specialist at the City of Vantaa.


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Teemu Virtanen

Specialist in social policy


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