Take the survey and influence matters

HYY is conducting a wellbeing and equality survey on 19 April–16 May. The survey is, in a way, the second of its kind – in addition to a rerun of our previous wellbeing survey, we would now also like to know about your experiences related to equality. This way, we will get up-to-date information on the status of equality in our community as well as on issues in need of development. The survey will be used to support the Student Union’s work: the responses and data you provide will help us defend students’ interests, whether we are dealing with the FSHS or the University of Helsinki.

Our previous wellbeing survey was conducted in spring 2019. Around 2,000 students responded to the survey, and its results have been the cornerstone of our advocacy work during the last two years. The survey revealed issues including the poor ergonomics of students and the strain caused by their poor working positions both when reading and when performing practical work duties on specialist fields. We have tackled these issues especially in our advocacy work towards the University by emphasising the importance of ergonomics in the planning of facilities. Our joint project on integrating physical activity into the facilities is also well under way. The survey results attracted widespread interest, which has resulted in the Student Union getting to take part in the development of surveys for the entire University community.

Student wellbeing cannot be improved comprehensively without taking equality into account. Facing bullying or discrimination, for instance, can affect one’s health. We also want to obtain more detailed information on the current status of equality and on issues that need to be developed in both the Student Union and the University. Quite a while has passed since HYY’s last equality survey, which means that it is high time to collect some up-to-date data on our members’ needs.

The results of the survey will be used to support HYY’s advocacy work. They will tell us what we should be influencing to ensure that all students feel good about studying at the University of Helsinki. The information you provide is completely anonymous, and individual students will not be identifiable from the answers. We want to obtain an overall view of how people are doing at the University. At the same time, we would also like to hear about individual bad experiences, as that will help us improve our understanding of students’ needs.

We need information to support our work for a better tomorrow. By taking the survey, you will be influencing the safety and pleasantness of your own studying environment. The results serve primarily as the basis for HYY’s work, but if they include any criticism or praise for our interest groups, such as the University and the FSHS, we will also pass these on.

Responding to the survey is thus worthwhile. But wait – there is more! By taking the survey, you will also be participating in a raffle that features an activity tracker and workout-friendly headphones as prizes. In other words, responding to the survey is like killing two birds with one stone: you can influence how students will be doing in the future as well as get a chance to win prizes that will support your own health.


Respond to the survey here.


Tiia Niemi / specialist in social policy

Matias Takala / specialist in social policy