Summaries of HYY’s Representative Council’s meetings 1/2022 & 2/2022


Summary of the first Representative Council meeting of 2022

HYY’s Representative Council’s meeting was held in Zoom on 24 February using a remote connection. Matters discussed in the meeting included news from the Central Office and the updating of HYY’s Election Regulation, while the 2022 action plan was also presented. A total of 54 members of the Representative Council attended the meeting.

Updating the Student Union’s Election Regulation was the only matter requiring a decision in the meeting. However, the Svenska Nationer och Ämnesföreningar (SNÄf) Representative Council group made a proposal to shelve the matter until a later meeting. After this proposal was made, Linnéa Partanen from the Independent Left (SitVas) made a proposal to declare the matter urgent. After a vote, the matter was shelved until the Representative Council’s next meeting.

The meeting also included news from the Central Office on how the year has begun and a presentation of the 2022 action plan, which guides the operation of the Student Union’s Board and specialists as well as other parties operating in HYY. The focus in this year’s action plan is on matters including the upcoming elections, equality, member services, international students and support for student representatives.

At the end of the meeting, the Representative Council also observed a collective moment of silence to express its support for the Ukrainians in light of the hostilities that broke out on the day of the meeting.


Summary of HYY’s Representative Council’s meeting on 24 March 2022

HYY’s Representative Council’s second meeting of the year was held at the Haartman Institute on the Meilahti campus on 24 March. The meeting agenda included five preliminary discussions and the ‘Vegan HYY’ member initiative. Other matters discussed in the meeting included the 2021 annual report, the granting of discharge from liability to the 2021 Board and other responsible parties, financial statements of the Student Union’s property finances and an update of the Election Regulation. A total of 44 members of the Representative Council attended the meeting.

The preliminary discussions covered HYY’s parliamentary election programme, an update of the Medium-term Financial Plan, action plans on anti-ableism and antiracism, a document guiding the operations of Ylioppilaslehti and an update of the Regulation on the Selection of Student Representatives.

A vote was held on the ‘Vegan HYY’ member initiative. The result was as follows:

YES 20

NO 22