Student Organisation Newsletter 2 / 2020


  1. Tuning Day Feb 26 2020!
  2. Apply for HYY’s operational grant and organisation paper grant
  3. Student Organisations’ Committee meeting 5 Feb at 6pm!
  4. User trainings for Alina Hall
  5. Applying to operate under HYY in 2020
  6. Environmental training for organizations on the 10th of February
  7. Important dates for 2020
  8. Apply for furniture purchasing grant!
  9. Overall badges from Promler at a 15% discount to HYY’s members for the rest of the year 2020


N E W S L E T T E R  F O R  S T U D E N T  O R G A N I S A T I O N S

HYY’s Organisation wiki: http://hyy.helsinki.fi/wiki
HYY’s Organisational affairs: https://www.facebook.com/HYYnJarjestoasiat
Troubles with organisational premises: toimisto at hyy.fi, 050 551 6145. Jarjestosihteeri at hyy.fi, 050 537 3798.


1 Tuning Day Feb 26 2020!

Do you want to develop yourself as an organisational actor? Would you like to get some tips and inspiration for tuning your organisation and making it even better? Join us at HYY’s Tuning Day to receive both training and inspiration!

Inspiration, development, tuning!

Tuning Day is held in Aurora and Arthena at the Siltavuorenpenger campus on Wednesday 26 February 2020. It is a training event for all organisational actors and features a variety of training sessions – you will get lots of chances to learn something new whether you are active in a hobby organisation, a student nation, a subject organisation or a faculty organisation!

The event kicks off with a breakfast for everyone in Alina Hall (New Student House, Mannerheimintie 5 A, 3rd floor), after which you will get to participate in the workshops you have chosen.

The workshops will be primarily in Finnish, so please specify when signing up whether you understand or speak Finnish so that we can make arrangements if necessary.

Registration closes on 23 February at 11.59 pm.
Registration form and more information

Further information
Lovisa Hirvonen
050 543 9615

2 Apply for HYY’s operational grant and organisation paper grant

HYY annually awards operational grants to its organisations. The aim of the grants is to support the activities of organisations operating under HYY. You can apply for the operational grant through an electronic application form at tahlo.hyy.fi. Applications should be left by 2 March at 4pm.

HYY supports its organisations’ publishing activities by awarding them organisation paper grants. The grant is awarded for printed and electronic publications. You can apply for the organisation paper grant through the electronic application form service at tahlo.hyy.fi. Applications should be left by 2 March at 4pm.

Further instructions on applying and criteria for paper grant

3 Student Organisations’ Committee meeting 5 Feb at 6pm!

Welcome to the first Student Organisations’ Committee meeting of the new year at 6.00 pm on Wednesday 5th of February! The meeting is held in Topelius on the 2nd floor of the New Student House, Mannerheimintie 5A. We will discuss about upcoming events and get to know each other.

Our meetings are open for anyone who is a member of HYY or its related student organisations, whether this is your first or 105th meeting. You are welcomed to join our meetings at any point of the year.

If you have any questions or want more information, you can contact the Chair of the Committee – riku.kallio(a)helsinki.fi.

See you there!

4 User trainings for Alina Hall

Did you miss the user training for Alina Hall but need it for your organisation as soon as possible? No worries! There will be additional training events organised during the spring in March–April. However, if you need training during February, please contact Chair of the Student Organisations Committee Riku Kallio by email (riku.kallio@helsinki.fi) or phone (050 550 0620).

5 Applying to operate under HYY in 2020

In accordance with the Financial Committee’s decision, organisations applying to operate under HYY are admitted twice a year, once in the spring and once in the autumn.

Organisations applying to operate under HYY must fill in an electronic application form in the TAHLO system (tahlo.hyy.fi) and submit the required attachments either through TAHLO or as paper versions to HYY’s Services Office.

The deadline for the spring application round is at 4 pm on Monday 2 March, and the deadline for the autumn round is at 4 pm on Monday 28 September.

You should also note that organisations applying to operate under HYY should inform HYY’s specialist in charge of organisations about applying within the application period.

The following attachments are required for admittance:

  • Budget 2020
  • Action plan 2020
  • Rules of the organisation
  • Extract of the minutes from the organisation’s founding meeting or its charter
  • List of members. The University of Helsinki student number must be marked on the list for HYY’s members.

Read the Financial Committee’s decision on the application periods and required attachments here (linkki).
You should also check out the Rules for Organisations Operating Under HYY (linkki).

Further information:
Specialist (organisations) Jaakko Kalske, jaakko.kalske@hyy.fi, 050 537 3798

6 Environmental training for organizations on the 10th of February

The main purpose of the environmental training is to provide organizations with tips and support for environmentally friendly student activities. The training will give you a glimpse into how organizations and campuses work and a possibility to share your best
environmental tips with other student volunteers. We also provide a quick overview of the Environmental Committee as well as other environmental actors in the Student Union.

The training will be held in the meeting room Sparre at the New Student House (Mannerheimintie 5A, 2nd floor) on the 10th of February at 6 pm. Small vegan snacks will also be served.

The link to the sign up form

The link to the Facebook-event

7 Important dates for 2020

The list below includes the preliminary dates of important events this year that concern all organisations. At this point, the dates are tentative, but we will inform you of any changes to them in the usual manner on the organisation list.

Best regards,
Everyone on HYY’s organisational sector

  • 3 February Application period for operating grants opens
  • 26 February Tuning Day
  • 26 February Training for treasurers (on Tuning Day)
  • 2 March at 4pm Deadline for the operating grant applications
  • 12 March Training on event safety
  • 19 March Training for harassment contact persons
  • March: Application period for Alina reservations
  • March–April: Application period for project grants
  • April: Allocation of premises: making applications for organisational premises
  • 15 May Flora day at Kumpula campus
  • May: Organisations into Summer Shape
  • 31 August Opening Carnival
  • 24 September Fresher Adventure
  • October: Application period for Alina reservations
  • November: Seminar for Chairpersons II
  • November–December: Training for performance auditors
  • November–December: Training on financial statements
  • 6 December Students’ Independence Day Torchlight Procession


8 Apply for furniture purchasing grant!

HYY supports furniture purchases for interior decoration in organisational premises. The grant is intended for organisations which primarily operate on HYY’s premises and the grant is mainly directed to the purchasing of tables, chairs, cupboards with locks and other interior items. The aim is that the furniture would increase the cosiness of the organisational premises and the willingness of organisations to look after their premises even better.

When allocating the furniture grant, we pay attention to the following: the ecological aspect, sustainability and necessity of the purchase. The furniture grant is not supposed to cover the entire purchase price but organisations are also expected to participate in the financing of the purchase.

The grant can be applied all year round. You can apply for the grant with an informal application, which should include the following information:
– applying organisation/organisations
– applied furniture
– budget
– reasons for the purchase

Applications can be submitted by e-mail to jarjesto(at)hyy.fi or by mail to the Student Union of the University of Helsinki, PL 1099, 00101 HELSINKI. Organisations that receive the grant must provide copies of the receipts to the same address no later than within four months after the allocation of the grant.

Further information:

Specialist (Organisations) Jaakko Kalske
050 537 3798

9 Overall badges from Promler at a 15% discount to HYY’s members for the rest of the year 2020

HYY has agreed on a special discount for all HYY’s organisations on overall badge orders from Promler.fi!

We will get overall badges for a discounted price (-15%) for the entire year 2020 as long as we remember to mention the discount code (can be found in the e-mail version of the newsletter) when asking for offers and ordering.

The discount code is meant only for HYY’s organisations.

The discount code concerns new orders with a normal delivery time.

Contact: info@promler.fi

Here is a link to our cooperation partner’s site: http://www.promler.fi/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/promler
Instagram: @promlerfi