Student Organisation Newsletter 15/2020

1. Situation report on the coronavirus
2. Challenges with Swedish translations
2. Training session for performance auditors at 6 pm on 30 November
3. Seminar for Chairpersons 2/2010 on Wednesday 2 December



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Board member (organisations): Lovisa Hirvonen, lovisa.hirvonen@hyy.fi, 050 543 9615



1. Situation report on the coronavirus

The organisational sector is reviewing the coronavirus situation every two weeks and will inform you of the situation with the restrictions as well as other possible matters related to the coronavirus situation in the newsletter for organisations.

  • There is a limit of 10 people in effect in meeting rooms.
  • Events organised in HYY’s organisational premises must adhere to the 10-person limit for people present.
  • We recommend a maximum limit of 10 people for all events organised indoors and outdoors.

Remind yourself of the instructions!

PLEASE NOTE! In the light of current knowledge, HYY is prepared to tighten the restrictions in the beginning of next week (from Monday 30 November forward). We ask organisations to be prepared to change their plans or, if needed, cancel their events. We urge you to follow official instructions at both individual and organisational level to the extent that they apply to your activities.

If you or your organisation have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the organisational sector!


2. Challenges with Swedish translations

As a result of the Swedish translator’s sudden and prolonged sick leave, we have just found ourselves in a challenging situation with trilingual communication. However, we will try to provide information in Swedish using the resources available until we have a temp translator. We are working on returning to normal communication as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience!


3. Training session for performance auditors at 6 pm on 30 November!

HYY is organising a training session aimed at performance auditors where we will go through everything a performance audit includes. The trainers of the session are Miran Hamidulla and Santeri Velin, both of whom have loads of experience with being active in organisations and acting as performance auditors.

The training session is held via remote connection at 6–8 pm on 30 November.The training is held in Finnish.

Sign up by 29 November!


4. Seminar for Chairpersons 2/2010 on Wednesday 2 December

HYY’s Student Organisations Committee invites all current and next year’s chairpersons of subject and faculty organisations, student nations and hobby organisations operating under HYY as well as those interested in applying to become one to HYY’s Seminar for Chairpersons, organised on Wednesday 2 December. Seminar is held remotely via Zoom. The event is held primarily in Finnish.

Sign-up closes on 30 November at 11.59 pm

Check out the event on Facebook!

See you at the seminar!