Sonja Naalisvaara nominated as HYY’s candidate for SYL’s Board for 2023


In its meeting on 22 September, the Representative Council of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) has selected its candidate for the Board of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) for 2023. HYY is nominating Bachelor of Science Sonja Naalisvaara for the Board.


Sonja Naalisvaara, a 28-year-old master’s student in sustainability science, has served on HYY’s Board this year with a focus on social policy and development cooperation.

Naalisvaara considers it important for SYL to be able to both conduct efficient advocacy work through its parliamentary election campaign and get themes that are important to students included in the government negotiations and, through them, in the new government programme.

‘It is extremely important to get students’ voice heard in the parliamentary elections next year. As a student movement, we must run an election campaign that reflects students. Due to inflation, improving students’ subsistence is especially vital, as price increases hit the already poor subsistence of students’, Naalisvaara explains.

This year, in addition to HYY’s Board, Naalisvaara has served on the Board of World Student Capital ry, in the steering group for SYL’s ‘Sustainability holds us up, uphold sustainability’ project and in several positions related to social policy, such as Hoas’s appointments committee.

‘Developing student health care has a key role next year. As the new wellbeing services counties begin their operation, we must ensure that cooperation between the counties and the FSHS runs smoothly.’

Known for her strong expertise, Naalisvaara lists absorbing new information, organising her work and advocacy work as her strengths.

‘During the past year, I have learned how to conduct systematic advocacy work. I am sure that this experience will be extremely useful for the work conducted before the upcoming parliamentary elections, which is why I want to give my all for this movement. I am very touched by the trust placed in me through my nomination as HYY’s candidate for SYL’s Board’, Naalisvaara sums up her candidacy.

HYY’s candidates for SYL’s Board were chosen in the Representative Council’s meeting on 22 September 2022. The members and chair of SYL’s Board are selected in its general assembly, held in Korpilampi on 18–19 November 2022. SYL represents all student unions in Finland and looks after students’ interests at the national level, taking a stand on issues of educational policy, social policy and international affairs.


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