Our new Sustainable Development Plan comes into effect at the beginning of 2021!


We have made a new Sustainable Development Plan for 2021–2023 this year! The Representative Council approved the plan in its meeting on 13 October. Read about the key points below!


What is the Sustainable Development Plan?

The Sustainable Development Plan helps us set goals and take measures to tackle issues in our own operation, including those related to the climate and environmental crisis. We will use the plan to develop our own operations in many ways towards a more sustainable and responsible direction. Through concrete, measurable goals and the monitoring of these goals, the plan acts as a tool that helps us put the goals into practice.

The various measures in the plan will help us increase the integration of environmental and sustainability issues in the work of all HYY’s operating sectors, while also helping us create the conditions for carrying out increasingly sustainable and responsible operations. The plan will also help us implement tools and incentives that will help all the over 250 organisations operating under us with taking sustainability issues into account.

Plan process

The plan is a reformed version of HYY’s Environmental Programme for 2016–2020. The reform process has taken place this year, starting in the spring. The members of the Board who were responsible for the update process were Akseli Rouvari, who is in charge of environmental and climate affairs, and Timo Kalliokoski, who is in charge of development cooperation. HYY’s entire Central Office, the Environmental Committee, the Development Cooperation Committee and all Representative Council groups have also been involved in the process, making comments and coming up with ideas.


What does it contain in practice?

A couple of key points from the plan:

  • The principles of sustainable development are integrated as active parts of the operation of all HYY’s sectors.
  • HYY’s operating finances determines the size of its carbon footprint, sets the objective of being carbon neutral and makes a plan to minimise its carbon footprint and compensate for it during the term of the plan.
  • Training for HYY and organisations operating under HYY is increased, and tools, incentives and cooperation channels for the organisations’ environmental activities are created.
  • HYY only cooperates with ecologically, socially and ethically responsible cooperation partners.
  • In the future, HYY compensates all its travels: When HYY buys flight or boat tickets, a donation worth 30% of the price is always made to environmental action. When travelling over 50 kilometres by train, bus or car, a similar donation worth 10% of the price is also made.


Check out the entire plan using this link and draw inspiration from our goals and policies for the next few years!