Organisation meeting of the Student Organisations Committee

Let’s make the Student Organisations Committee reflect our organisations – together


What is the Student Organisations Committee?


HYY’s committees are administrative bodies that have members and enable participation in the Student Union’s activities on a low threshold. This year, the Student Organisations Committee allows you to operate at the very centre of the interaction between organisations and HYY. The committee is a place where everyone involved with organisations can influence matters regardless of their academic age, organisational history or personal skills.


What does the committee do?


This year, it is time to build something new, functional and meaningful. Our aim is to have the committee truly meet the needs of our organisations. We want to work together to come up with ways in which we could serve our organisations even better than right now and to really start realising the reforms this requires. In the Student Organisations Committee, we do not just write our objectives down into the minutes – we work actively to achieve them.


How do I get involved?


The committee will have its organisation meeting at 6.00 pm on 17 February in Zoom: https://helsinki.zoom.us/j/67131040819


In the meeting, the committee will select itself a chair who will get to lead the committee’s activities in cooperation with the people in charge of organisations in HYY. Anyone from any organisation is welcome to join the activities, and you can decide how much time you want to use on the committee work yourself. This is your chance to influence matters – do not hesitate to join!