Now is the time to check your credits from the past academic year!

Kela monitors the study progress of the recipients of student aid. In practice, this means that you must complete enough credits in relation to the months of student aid you have received. This is a good time to check your credits from the past year – if you do not have enough, Kela will send you a request for further information in October.

If you have received student aid in the 2018–2019 academic year, you need to have completed 5 credits for each used month of student aid and at least 20 credits in total. If, for instance, you received student aid for 9 months, you should have completed a total of 45 credits during the past academic year. Kela does not monitor the credits at the level of individual months, which means that the overall picture is decisive.

You should check your credits from the period of 1 August 2018–31 July 2019. The new academic year has begun in August, and Kela does not necessarily accept credits completed in August for the past year.

If you do not have enough credits, first check that all the courses you have completed have been registered. If something from last year is missing, make sure that the date of completion marked for it is in the last academic year, on any date before August 2019.

If all your courses have been registered and you still have too few credits, we recommend returning months of student aid you received in the spring. This reduces the number of credits you need to have completed. When you return the study grant voluntarily, the month of student aid will be returned to you for later use! Only return the study grant, though – the student loan and general housing allowance from the same period need not be returned. General housing allowance is not affected by your credits.

Further information https://www.kela.fi/web/en/study-progress