Marianna Suokas appointed as HYY’s specialist in educational policy


Bachelor of Social Science Marianna Suokas has begun work as HYY’s new specialist in educational policy. Suokas, an advocacy work enthusiast, will be working with student representatives in administration.

Our group of specialists has been reinforced with a new employee who started at the beginning of March. Our new specialist in educational policy, Marianna Suokas, is acting as a substitute for Jenna Sorjonen, who took up a position at the University of Helsinki. In her work, Suokas is in charge of student representatives in administration and students’ legal protection in particular.

‘I am looking forward to working with our student representatives, as I can personally relate to them in terms of their duties, position and thoughts. I am also eagerly awaiting cooperation between all student unions’, the excited Suokas reveals.

Suokas hails from Loimaa and has studied social and public policy at the University of Jyväskylä. Currently, she is finalising her master’s studies at the University of Helsinki. Her interest in educational policy can even be seen in her studies: Suokas wrote her bachelor’s thesis on the performance management of universities, while her master’s thesis focused on the segregation of basic education.

Suokas has previously worked at the Europass Centre of the Finnish National Agency for Education, where her position involved communication duties. She has also accumulated experience of advocacy work by acting as a student representative in the steering group of the Open Science Centre at the University of Jyväskylä and as the person in charge of educational policy in SYY-Jyväskylä ry.

Suokas spends her free time cycling in the summer and jogging throughout the year. Culture and good food and wine are also close to her heart. Suokas lives with her dog, Neppi, who cheers up her colleagues by participating in remote meetings.

Even though Suokas is starting in her position working remotely, she hopes to get to meet her colleagues at the Central Office soon: ‘I hope we’ll soon get to contemplate and advance matters on the university sector on a face-to-face basis!’

Photo: Jonas Simberg