Introducing Roosa Kiiskilä, our new office secretary


We have a new office secretary in charge of documents in HYY, and she has learned the ropes quickly.


Roosa Kiiskilä started as HYY’s office secretary at the beginning of September. The duties of the office secretary focusing on documents include the administration of the meeting documents of the Board, the Representative Council, the Preparatory Committee and the Financial Committee along with other arrangements related to meetings. This work may be invisible to many, but it is absolutely crucial to ensure that our operations run smoothly.

Kiiskilä hails from Espoo and studies theology at the University of Helsinki. She is currently focusing on her minor studies in history and psychology alongside her work. Kiiskilä is already mulling over the topic of her thesis: she is planning to conduct a survey aimed at general upper secondary school students on religion-related content on social media. In the future, Kiiskilä hopes to become a teacher.

Kiiskilä has a lot of experience of organisational activities from her own faculty organisation and HYAL. She reveals that it was organisational activities that initially got her interested in HYY and made her apply for a job with us. At first, HYY seemed somewhat distant, but after learning more about its operation, Kiiskilä now has a better understanding of the significance of our work.

‘In addition to accumulating my career skills, I am also looking forward to doing work that feels meaningful’, Kiiskilä describes her expectations.

A close connection with nature is important to Kiiskilä, who enjoys taking long walks in her spare time. Another one of her favourite pastimes is keeping ornate bullet journals, an activity also referred to as bujo. According to Kiiskilä, a job that requires a systematic nature and precision with schedules is thus an excellent fit for her.

Roosa’s predecessor, Roosa Kontiokari, returned to her studies on a full-time basis. By coincidence, we managed to keep the number of Roosas in our team unchanged despite the change in personnel!