Influence study facilites, develop the library or dive into world of research centres!


We are looking for student representatives for a diverse selection of administrative bodies at the University. These positions provide you with the opportunity to learn about and improve students’ services, while also offering a great perspective on the special duties of the University of Helsinki. Read on and apply by 6 March 2024!


Board of the Aleksanteri Institute

Are you interested in multidisciplinary research and societal impact related to Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia? The Board of the Aleksanteri Institute provides you with a great perspective on one of the national duties of the University of Helsinki! In the position, you will also get to network with researchers, interest groups and the representatives of other universities.


Board of the National Library of Finland

The National Library of Finland is an independent institute operating within the University of Helsinki. Its responsibilities include archiving published cultural heritage and making it available to the public as well as serving as a research library, a national cultural institution and a national service unit for online library services. As a member of the Board of the National Library of Finland, you will be a part of a historic, nationally significant institution and will get to influence the operation of the national library together with the diverse members of the Board.


Board of the Language Centre

As a member of the Board of the Language Centre, you will get to influence matters that concern most students at the University of Helsinki: language studies! The board’s duties include steering and developing the operation of the Language Centre, and current issues are sure to include language teaching after the coronavirus era. This means that the board is an extremely important place to influence matters that are important to students!


Board of the Helsinki University Library

What would studying be like without exam books, scientific articles and the working space provided by the library? The Helsinki University Library includes four campus libraries that produce high-quality information services for the needs of research, teaching and learning at the University of Helsinki as well as promote the availability of scientific information in society. As a member of the Library Board, you will get the chance to peek behind the curtain at a large academic library, get a whiff of international winds and influence services that are crucial to students.


Campus library advisory boards of the University of Helsinki

Apply to the advisory board of your campus library to influence the services of your own library! All four of the University’s campus libraries have their own advisory board. The boards are tasked with acting as a cooperation forum for the library’s users and participating in issues such as the strategic development of library services and the planning of collection acquisitions.


Board of the Finnish Museum of Natural History

The Finnish Museum of Natural History is responsible for storing, adding to and exhibiting the national natural history collections as well as related research and teaching. LUOMUS is an important expert in societal interaction conducted in the field of natural sciences and coordinates the cooperation of all Finnish museums of natural history and botanical gardens. The board of the museum offers interesting perspectives on the societal visibility of natural sciences and the supervision of one of the University’s national duties!


Board of the IT Center

The Board of the IT Center decides on IT issues that concern the entire University as well as the development of services. This is a pretty cool opportunity to learn about the extensive development of data protection and IT operations in a large organisation!


Facilities Committee

What kind of needs do students have for facilities after the pandemic? How can we develop communality and adaptability in the University’s study facilities? The Facilities Committee provides you with an opportunity to influence something that affects almost all students: the University’s facilities!


Board of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

Are you a postgraduate student interested in developing top research in the fields of arts, social sciences, theology, law and behavioural sciences? As a member of the board of the collegium you will get to develop the operation and finances of a cross-disciplinary research institute!


Board of the Ruralia Institute

Sustainable development and the relationship between global and local environments in rural areas – these are the themes of the Ruralia Institute! If you are a student of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry or the Faculty of Social Sciences, you can apply to become a student member of this cross-disciplinary board! In the position, you will also learn about the University of Helsinki’s operation in Mikkeli and Seinäjoki!


Working group preparing Una Europa’s joint bachelor’s programmes

The working group plans the contents and structure of the joint bachelor’s programmes in cooperation with the other universities in the alliance. This means that you will get to witness the creation of an entirely new degree programme in unique education cooperation! One of the programmes will be in the field of European studies and the other in sustainability science. The working group has two actual student representatives who must have completed studies and/or vision on the fields in question.



You will accumulate important experience of meetings, negotiations and decision-making processes. Depending on the administrative body, you may get to learn about, for instance, the operation of a research centre or museum, develop library services, participate in comment rounds on legislative changes or develop language teaching and its supply.

As a student representative, you will meet various professionals, researchers and experts over disciplinary boundaries. You will make good connections that may be extremely useful during your later career, for instance! You may also get credits for serving in the position and can always apply for a certificate of having served in your important position from HYY.



Submit your application in the Halloped application system by 11.59 pm on 3rd of march 2024. More details and possible special application criteria for each open position for student representatives is available in the application system. It is advisable to mention at least your current major or degree programme and study orientation. The Student Union considers the following as advantages, and we recommend including any related information in your application:

  • Previous experience of acting as a student representative in administration, as a person in charge of academic affairs or in some other position related to student advocacy work
  • Other experience as relevant to the position
  • Motivation towards serving in the position

The Student Union hopes to receive applications from representatives of different genders and people in different stages of their studies from diverse backgrounds. We assume that you are available for the positions of both actual and vice member. The Student Union strives to take into account the representation of different disciplines when making the selections.


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