HYY’s updated instructions and policies for organisations on the coronavirus situation, updated 23 June 2020


The government has started to gradually lift the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The most recent information on this is available on the government website.


Even though some restrictions set previously are now being lifted, HYY’s recommendations for organisations remain almost unchanged. The recommendations are in effect until further notice but at least until the beginning of the autumn term, unless otherwise indicated. HYY’s recommendations for organisations are listed below:

  • Organisations are encouraged to actively monitor the development of the coronavirus situation and official instructions.
  • Alina Hall and attic sauna Sivistys as well as meeting rooms Wilhelmsson, Seppele, Kabinetti and Barrikaadi are not available for organisations to reserve until 21 August 2020.
  • We recommend that organisations do not organise any events before the autumn term, but this is left at the organisations’ own discretion. However, we urge organisations to exercise special caution when making decisions on major events for the autumn.
  • We recommend that organisational premises are not used until the beginning of the autumn term.
  • The organisation of meetings and similar events is left at the organisations’ own discretion. Whenever possible, organising all meetings remotely is recommended.
    • The Finnish Parliament has approved temporary legislation allowing departures from certain sections of the Associations Act. Further information on this is available on the websites of the parliament and the government (link at the end of the article).
  • If organisational premises are used, the organisations must take particular care of hand hygiene. The bodies in charge of managing the premises should ensure that there is hand sanitiser and soap available in the premises, along with paper towels, if possible. Everyone using the premises should wash their hands upon arrival. In addition to this, taking care of general hygiene (coughing and sneezing in your sleeve, etc.) is of utmost importance.

We encourage you to follow official instructions at both individual and organisational level to the extent that they apply to your activities. Organisations can also encourage their own members to follow official instructions.


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HYY monitors the situation actively and provides further information as needed. If you have any questions about these instructions or if your organisation is facing a challenging situation of any kind, you can contact the organisational sector directly (contact details below).


Further information

Jaakko Kalske
Specialist (organisations)
050 537 3798

Lovisa Hirvonen
Member of the Board (organisations)
050 543 9615