HYY’s Representative Council meeting 2/2024


The Representative Council meeting held at Porthania on the City Centre campus on 26 March 2024 focused especially on matters related to the Student Union’s finances. The agenda included the financial statements of the Student Union and property finances for 2023 as well as preliminary discussions on the Medium-term Financial Plan and the Ownership Strategy. The annual and financial reports for 2023 were also presented to the Representative Council, and the previous year’s Board was granted discharge from liability.

Through the Medium-term Financial Plan, the Representative Council defines the major policies for HYY’s property finances based on which the Student Union’s finances are steered during the next two years. In the preliminary discussion, the Representative Council groups shared their concern over the Student Union’s financial situation. They expressed the hope that the plan’s update would include a reaction to the current situation and provisions for different financial scenarios for the future. The Representative Council will approve the updated Medium-term Financial Plan in the autumn. HYY’s Ownership Strategy defines the main policies and principles on the kind of business activities Ylva conducts. In the preliminary discussion, council members hoped that the Ownership Strategy would help business operations return to a solid foundation to make the distribution of profits and the rebuilding of a financial bumper possible.

Under any other business, the Representative Council discussed the low voter turnout in the Representative Council elections, the EU elections and the action HYY and the UH should take regarding Palestine.