HYY’s own Discord server brings students together


Together with Code, the Community Development Committee, we have set up HYY’s own Discord server! With face-to-face meetings banned, all students of the University of Helsinki can now get together there instead. Discord can be used on computers and smart devices, and the platform is perfect for planning, agreeing on and carrying out just the kind of activities you want.

Looking for someone to play games with? Check. Need peer support? Check. Want to arrange a coffee date in Habbo Hotel? Check. The possibilities of remote communality on HYY’s Discord server are endless! You can join the server using this invite link!

Discord is a communal platform with a structure that follows largely the same principle as IRC, Slack and online discussion forums, for instance. HYY’s server, for example, has several themed channels where people can chat with one another. Currently, the channels include #yleinen (general), #etäopiskelu (distance studying), #etäsitsit (remote dinner parties), #habbo, #memes and many more. More channels are also constantly being set up as more people join the server!

The server also has its own rules and principles of safer space, with moderators from Code and the Student Union monitoring that they are observed. This ensures that trolls do not gain a foothold on the server and that it is thoroughly meaningful and safe for everyone to spend time there together.