HYY’s Financial Committee’s decision on removing Helsingin Akateemiset Perussuomalaiset from HYY’s organisation register

In its meeting on 21 May 2019, the Financial Committee of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki has decided to remove Helsingin Akateemiset Perussuomalaiset (HAPSU; ‘Helsinki academic Finns Party’) from HYY’s organisation register.

On 4 March 2019, HAPSU released a statement titled ‘Suomen yliopistojen kuuluukin tuntua suomalaisilta’ (‘Finnish universities should feel Finnish’). HYY’s Financial Committee decided to process the case because it suspected that HAPSU’s actions had been in violation of HYY’s Equality Plan and that HAPSU had thus also violated the rules for organisations operating under HYY. HAPSU was asked to submit a written clarification on the matter, and they were also heard in the Financial Committee’s meeting on 10 April. Based on HAPSU’s statement and the hearing, the Financial Committee concluded that the association is not committed to HYY’s equality policies and that, based on the hearing, HAPSU has no intention to alter its operations to adhere to the policies. For these reasons, the Financial Committee decided to remove HAPSU from under the Student Union.

Removing an organisation from under HYY means that the organisation is no longer entitled to use organisational services provided by HYY, such as meeting and festive premises. Organisations that belong to political parties cannot receive HYY’s grants, and HAPSU has not received financial support from the Student Union. Regardless of the decision, members of HAPSU who are also members of the Student Union can still become candidates in HYY’s Representative Council elections and participate in the Student Union’s activities.

According to HYY’s Constitution, HAPSU is entitled to appeal the Financial Committee’s decision to HYY’s Board within 14 days of having been notified of the decision.

Further information:
Aaro Riitakorpi
Secretary General
040 0816 426