HYY’s equality guide and information on next year!


It is getting close to the end of 2019, and we would like to thank you for a successful operating year on behalf of the entire organisational sector! Here are a few things you should still consider before a well-deserved Christmas holiday:

During the autumn, we have produced an equality guide for organisations! The guide is available on a brand-new Moodle platform, where we intend to produce other training material for organisations in the future, too. The equality guide features answers to the most frequent questions on equality related to organisations as well as tons of information on the theme. We will be organising a separate training event on equality for the first time in January, and the event will be based on the contents of the guide. As of now, the guide is only available in Finnish and Swedish, but the English translation is being worked on, and we will publish it as soon as it is finished.

The moodle can be found here.

In other news, the Financial Committee has decided in its meeting that we can already publish the allocation model for operating grants for next year at this point! You can check out the model here. The model is mostly the same as the one already used this year, but the committee has made some small fixes to it during the autumn. You should not worry about the model too much – our intention is simply that you know the questions based on which we will be awarding the grants next year!

Next, it is time to start focusing on the new year! The list below includes the preliminary dates of important events next year that concern all organisations. We are asking you to forward the list to your new boards. At this point, the dates are tentative, but we will inform you of any changes to them in the usual manner on the organisation list.

Happy holidays to all!


Best regards,

Everyone on HYY’s organisational sector


End of January Seminar for Chairpersons I
30 January Training on equality
3 February Application period for operating grants opens
26 February Tuning Day
26 February Training for treasurers (on Tuning Day)
2 March Deadline for the operating grant applications
12 March Training on event safety
 19 March Training for harassment contact persons
March Application period for Alina reservations
March–April Application period for project grants
April Allocation of premises: making applications for organisational premises
May Organisations into Summer Shape
31 August Opening Carnival
25 September Fresher Adventure
October Application period for Alina reservations
November Seminar for Chairpersons II
November–December Training for performance auditors
November–December Training on financial statements
6 December Independence Day Torchlight Procession