Ihmisiä juhlimassa.
Ihmisiä juhlimassa.
Ihmisiä juhlimassa.

HYY wants to promote the visibility of organisations on HYY’s communication channels

Because we had to cancel the Opening Carnival, we would like to turn the spotlight on organisations operating under HYY in other ways instead! We also want our organisations to be presented in a way that is in line with their own activities. To this end, we would like you to send us an introduction video that provides information about your activities in your chosen style.

Our intention is to share the organisations’ own introduction videos on HYY’s YouTube channel and then share some highlights on social media. Naturally, you can also use the videos in your organisation’s marketing yourself!

How to make your introduction video:

  1. Film a free-form video with a length of around 1–2 minutes. HYY reserves the right to edit the video if needed, but our goal is to get as finalised videos as possible from the organisations. On your video, you could, for instance:
  2. Your video could answer some of the following questions, for instance:
    • What are your organisation’s everyday activities like?
    • What connects your members?
    • What is your organisation’s best event?
    • What kind of history does your organisation have?
    • Why should people get involved in your organisation’s activities?
  3. If you need any help, support or additional instructions for making the videos, feel free to contact HYY’s Communications Specialist Vilma Viertola (viertola(at)hyy.fi).
  4. Write a short summary of what is at the heart of your organisation.
    • Here is HYY’s summary to provide an example: ‘The Student Union of the University of Helsinki advocates students’ interests. We organise services, benefits and events to allow you to focus on the most important part: studying and student life. You can walk your own path safe in the knowledge that we will be there to smooth out the road ahead and advise you when needed. Our voice can be heard at the University, in the city and in events.’
  5. Send your videos and summaries to Communications Specialist Vilma Viertola (viertola(at)hyy.fi) by Monday 18 October.
  6. We will take care of the rest!

Further information:
Vilma Viertola
Communications Specialist, HYY