HYY has approved a new Strategy for 2025–2030


The Representative Council of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki has approved the Student Union’s new Strategy for 2025–2030 in its meeting on 28 May. The Strategy defines the values and objectives that guide HYY’s operation.

The Student Union’s Strategy is HYY’s highest steering document. It defines the key values and strategic objectives that cut across the Student Union’s operation. Indicators are also defined for the objectives to monitor progress on them. The Strategy also includes the Student Union’s purpose and dream.

The new Strategy defines education, equality, courage, sustainability and communality as HYY’s values. According to the Strategy, ‘the Student Union is a community that provides its members with support and space for their growth into active, cognisant and critical citizens. The Student Union acts as a link between its members, looks after their interests at the University and in society as well as promotes their societal, social and intellectual aspirations.’

HYY’s objectives for the new strategy period include being a bold, active and vocal advocate. HYY wants to build a more student-friendly University, society and city as well as support the participation, agency and expertise of its members. HYY will also strive to be increasingly equal, communal and dynamic and to defend the biosphere by fighting against the climate and environmental crisis.

‘We have gained a roadmap for HYY, showing us the way to the 2030s. On the one hand, the contents of the Strategy implant progressive values, such as intersectional feminism, global responsibility and a lifestyle adapted to planetary boundaries, in the heart of our operation. On the other hand, they also stress the inclusion of communality as one of our new values. The Strategy is also almost half as short as the previous one. Making the text more compact will make the process of implementing the Strategy clearer. The fact that the Strategy was created in a long-term, deliberative process that involved the Representative Council is also fantastic’, Chair of HYY’s Board Antti Kaijansinkko exclaims.

To implement the Strategy, the Representative Council annually approves an implementation plan for it. The implementation plan sets out the focus areas for our operation. The realisation of the plan and Strategy is assessed annually in connection with the annual report. A mid-term review will be conducted in 2027.

Click here to read the Strategy for 2025–2030 in its entirety.


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