How Do You Apply to Be a Student Representative?


Do you want to apply to become a student representative, but don’t know what to write in the application? This model application will help you with that and you will represent students in no time!

Model Application
How to apply to become a student representative in administration

↓ Student number, degree programme, faculty

Sally Student
Student number 012345678
Degree Programme of Student Studies, Faculty of Exemplary Sciences

↓ Motivation and readiness to commit to the duties, ideas for developing the degree programme

Hi! I am Sally Student, and I am interested in applying to become a student representative in administration in the steering group of the Bachelor’s Programme in Exemplary Sciences. I am a second-year student of Exemplary Sciences, and I am interested in study affairs and developing the University community. I have many ideas on how we could increase the flexibility of studies and communality in our degree programme.

↓ Understanding of current issues and challenges in the degree programme

My friends at the University have given lots of feedback on the need for improvement in the teaching arrangements of exemplary sciences, especially in terms of distance teaching arrangements. Unfortunately, recent decisions concerning our degree programme have been made without sufficient participation from students. The consequences of this can be clearly seen in both the quality of teaching and student wellbeing. This is why I would like to get to influence the matter and bring student perspectives to the steering group of the bachelor’s programme, too.

↓ Relevant previous experience and connections to the students of the degree programme

I am available for the position of student representative for the entire 2023–2024 term and available on the stated interview date, if needed. I have been introduced to the secrets of university administration this year through having acted as a tutor in my subject. I am applying to become the secretary of my student organisation for next year, and through this position, I would easily be able to stay in touch with the students in my study orientation, too.

↓ Vision on influencing matters in the administrative body and readiness to communicate about it to students

I am a good debater, as I am able to take different perspectives into account and clearly argue for my views. I think it is important that the steering group of the Bachelor’s Programme in Exemplary Sciences would get a student representative like me, as I am used to asking students for their views on teaching and teaching arrangements. I am looking forward to getting to work on developing our studies in constructive cooperation with other students.