Greetings from the representative council election coordinator


Roosa Katvio, our document secretary, started working as HYY’s Representative Council election coordinator, too, at the beginning of May. The nomination of candidates for the elections is now under way and ends on 28 September. The polling days in the elections are 26–28 October and 31 October–2 November.


Hello! I’m Roosa Katvio, already a familiar face at HYY’s office. I started working as HYY’s document secretary in September 2020 and, throughout the years, have become familiar with HYY in other ways as well. I come from Espoo, where I still live today.

I have very recently completed my master’s degree in theology and religious studies, having written my master’s thesis in the seminar in religious studies on the subject of religious contents that young people encounter on social media. Besides the Faculty of Theology, I have also completed studies in the faculties of arts, educational sciences, social sciences and medicine. My degree has consequently made me a qualified subject teacher in several subjects.

As the Representative Council election coordinator, I am responsible for the autumn’s Representative Council elections and related practical arrangements. My duties include everything from election buns to the functioning of the candidate system. I also cooperate with the Central Election Committee and the campaign managers of electoral alliances. The election buzz at our office is shared by our fabulous election team that consists of some of our employees and members of the Board.

Learning new duties is always an especially interesting and exciting part of working life for me! The autumn’s elections are an important event for the entire Student Union community, as the composition of the next Representative Council is decided in them. I have already had the opportunity to observe and facilitate the operation of the Representative Council from close proximity, and it will be interesting to be involved in this stage of the council’s formation, as well.

I also see the Representative Council elections as an excellent opportunity to bring HYY closer to each of its members. The hustle and bustle of the elections provides a great opportunity to contemplate the Student Union’s deepest nature and purpose for its members. What works and what should change? Representative democracy helps us ensure that HYY reflects its members. Perhaps someone will also find the spark within themselves to become a student influencer or advocate!

Besides work, my everyday life includes large-scale consumption of Netflix and different kinds of trips to the nature. The peace found in nature is the perfect balance to the daily grind. I find combining these two hobbies to be the best way to relax after a busy week: just find a comfortable spot on the couch and watch nature documentaries.

Have a wonderful election autumn!


P.S. Please contact me if you are interested in the Representative Council elections or wonder about something related to them! The best way to contact me is by email: roosa.katvio@hyy.fi. Information about the elections is sent to the current Representative Council groups without separate notice. Any possible other groups from outside the current council should contact me in order to receive information about the elections that is aimed at the groups.


Roosa Katvio

Election coordinator, document secretary