Grab UniSport’s break exercise instructions here!


Did you know that even a small moment of movement refreshes the body and mind, which affects concentration, learning and work efficiency? Our partner UniSport gives tips for taking a break from studying.

UniSport offers several free services for university students to take breaks during their studies. Check out the tips and find your own way to have a short break exercise moment!

  1. As a student at the University of Helsinki, you have access to the Break Pro break exercise program for free. You can schedule the program to remind you of breaks according to your own schedule and needs. Find instructions on how to install the Break Pro break exercise program here.
  2. UniSport has produced break exercise instructions for university community. Save the instructions and print them out near your remote study area, for example. Download the break exercise instructions as a PDF file here.
  3. Join us for a rejuvenating break on campus or through the Mywellness platform! “Huolettomat hartiat” is a refreshing 15-minute guided workout that helps release tense muscles, with a focus on the back and shoulder area. Check out the detailed instructions and schedule for “Huolettomat hartiat” break exercise here.
  4. 4. You can also find various break exercise videos on the UniSport website, which you can use to organize a break exercise session on your own or with your study buddies. The break exercise videos can be found here.

Take a refreshing moment with some exercise during your breaks!

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