Good practices on communality provide the foundation for developing the community

The operating culture development project of the University of Helsinki has been looking for various ways of increasing the sense of community felt by members of the University community.


During the spring, HYY and the operating culture development project of the University of Helsinki co-organised discussion events for students and University staff. The events featured reflection on the importance of the University community and discussions about inclusion and good practices for increasing communality. The discussions also looked into ideas on how to remove obstacles preventing people from feeling like they belong to the community.


The prevailing idea in the discussions was how communality ultimately consists of small acts: how we meet each other every day and how we care about one another in our community.


In 2018, HYY put together good practices on communality in cooperation with the faculties of the University of Helsinki and the Swedish School of Social Science. These practices have now been updated. The aim of this collection of good practices is to support new ways of promoting communality in faculties.


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