Fresher Week to fill the vacuum left by the Opening Carnival and Fresher Adventure

Fresher Week is a completely new and remote event, which will be held on September 21−25.9.2020. The purpose of the event is to enable freshers to get acquainted with HYY’s activities, student organizations and university actors easily and safely – without forgetting to have fun!

During the event week, it is planned to highlight the student organizations, in particular, as freshers would have normally been introduced to the organizations at the Opening Carnival. It is important that organizations and freshers are able to find each other, so that everyone can find their own place within the university community.

Fresher week will be realised by using social media channels, HYY’s website, a mobile application and live streaming.

Fresher Challenge will be held on Friday 25.9.2020

A small and feisty remote version of Fresher Adventure has been adapted for this year, the purpose of which is to introduce essential actors to freshers through fun participatory checkpoint tasks – just like in Fresher Adventure. A significant difference between the events is that in Fresher Challenge, checkpoints can be performed anywhere, and the planning of the checkpoints takes into account the restrictions and recommendations brought about as a result of COVID19. Fresher Challenge will be realised in such a way that each fresher will be able to complete the checkpoints either alone or as part of a team of up to eight people. The registration for the checkpoints will open during the summer – until the end of August.

Fresher Challenge is scheduled to take place on Friday 25 September during Fresher Week, and it will last, along with after-parties, until about 11 p.m. The after-parties will be held as a live stream and will include a performance by an up-and-coming domestic band.

EDIT: Fresher Challenge’s after party has been cancelled. Please join us after the challenge on @hyy_hus Instagram to see some highlights from the challenge.

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Susanne Salo, event producer