Finland needs Students at Risk grant system


The Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) supports the establishment of a Students at Risk grant system in Finland.


We have followed the war in Ukraine this past month in utter shock. The war has resulted in Europe facing its largest refugee crisis since the Second World War.

Finnish universities have tried to do their part to help those fleeing the war to Finland by opening up study opportunities, for instance. While these actions are very welcome, they are temporary in nature, only aimed at a single crisis. At the same time, human distress caused by various crises and conflicts takes place globally on a daily basis. Humanitarian crises in places such as Afghanistan, Belarus and Palestine underline the need for action.

Finland also needs permanent solutions we can use to help young people and students fleeing war and persecution, regardless of their nationality. The National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) has proposed the establishment of a Students at Risk grant system in Finland, allowing people in distress and victims of political persecution, for instance, to continue their studies in Finland. A similar system is already in use in countries such as Norway, while the Scholars at Risk network already operates in Finland with the aim of helping researchers.

The Students at Risk grant system would provide a sustainable solution for students in the greatest distress, and we as a university community should embrace this solution.


Further information

Tommi Ostrovskij
Vice chair & member of the Board in charge of internationality
050 325 8041

Mathilda Timmer
Specialist in educational policy
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