Emilia Junnila selected as OLL’s chair for 2023


The Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) selected HYY’s candidate, Emilia Junnila, as OLL’s chair for 2023 in its general assembly on 3 November.


Bachelor of Arts Emilia Junnila, 23, was selected as OLL’s chair for 2023 in the federation’s general assembly on 3 November 2022. This year, Junnila has been in charge of events and communication on HYY’s Board.

‘I wish to thank the general assembly for the trust it has placed in me! Next year will be full of work, but I am sure that it will also be extremely rewarding’, the newly chosen chair, Emilia Junnila, asserts.

Next year, Junnila intends to strengthen OLL’s role as an advocate of everyday physical activity for all higher education students. Junnila believes that the federation’s main purpose is to encourage students towards physical activity and to support local operators in the promotion of the accessibility of sports services.

‘Developing the federation’s operations and conducting effective advocacy work on the parliamentary elections will be at the heart of our activities. I am looking forward to getting to work on these themes with such a great group’, Junnila describes her plans for the next year.

OLL’s general assembly was held in Vuokatti 1–3 November 2022. OLL, founded in 1924, is a national advocacy and service organisation working for student and higher education sports. OLL conducts advocacy work, provides services and training, and does research, promoting student sports both nationally and internationally.


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