Emilia Junnila nominated as OLL’s chair for 2023


In its meeting on 22 September, the Representative Council of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) has selected its candidate for the Board of the Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) for 2023. HYY is nominating Bachelor of Arts Emilia Junnila for the Board.

Emilia Junnila, a 23-year-old fourth-year student of Spanish philology, has served on HYY’s Board this year with a focus on events and communication.

Junnila sees 2023 as the year for developing OLL’s operations. In addition to deciding on its membership model for the future, OLL must invest in the efficiency of its national sports advocacy work.

‘The federation’s services and advocacy work are currently aimed mostly at athletes. I would like to shift the focus in its advocacy work to students who are less active in sports. The federation’s main purpose is to encourage regular students towards physical activity’, Junnila explains.

Junnila has served as the chair of her own subject organisation, Setenta ry, in 2020–2021. Her vast experience of both leadership and operational work in organisations would support her work as OLL’s chair.

‘I should be chosen as OLL’s chair because I am a strong team player who wants to increase the efficiency of the federation’s operation and ensure that it serves all higher education students. Sport is close to my heart both due to its importance and through my own background: I have practised gymnastics and dancing almost all my life as well as served as both main and assistant instructor for children’s gymnastics groups for six years in my home club Sysmän Voimistelijat. Due to my background in sports, I understand how important physical activity is for holistic wellbeing and can appreciate the perspectives of both instructors and people practising sports as a hobby, which would be useful as OLL’s chair’, Junnila sums up.

HYY’s candidates for OLL’s Board were chosen in the Representative Council’s meeting on 22 September 2022. The members and chair of OLL’s Board are selected in its general assembly, held in Vuokatti on 1–3 November 2022. The Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL), founded in 1924, is a national advocacy and service organisations working for student and higher education sports. OLL conducts advocacy work, provides services and training, and does research, promoting student sports both nationally and internationally.


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