Develop the library, study facilities or course selection! We are looking for student representatives for over 20 impactful positions


HYY is now looking for students for various impactful positions at the University to improve student services and participate in the supervision of the University’s special national duties. Read more and apply by 4 March!




We students have our own positions in the University’s arenas of power – from the executive groups of degree programmes to the University’s highest decision-making bodies. The student representatives in these positions voice students’ opinions in meetings as well as advance and defend issues that are important to students. This way, we, in cooperation with the staff, develop the University to look increasingly like its students!

In these positions, you will get to take part in making decisions on the University’s operations, make student perspectives heard and create useful networks. You can also get credits for acting in the positions.



Student representatives act as the voice of students in the University’s decision-making processes. There is only one clear requirement: you must be registered for attendance at the University of Helsinki. No special skills are required in advance, but proficiency in Finnish is useful in the position. Thoroughly reading the meeting material before the meeting, asking for the opinions of, depending on the situation, either your fellow students or subject organisation on the issues on the meeting agenda and discussing matters in the meeting itself are quite enough to be successful in the position. The Student Union also provides training for the selected student representatives and offers its support and expertise for influencing matters in the University’s decision-making processes.




Applications should be submitted at www.halloped.fi by 4 March 2020.

Your application should clearly indicate your motivation, degree programme or major and experience as relevant to the position. The Student Union considers previous experience of acting as a student representative in administration, as a study advisor or in some other student advocacy work as well as readiness to actively communicate to the Student Union and other students while acting in the position as advantages.

The Student Union hopes to receive applications from representatives of different genders and people from different stages of their studies from diverse backgrounds. We will assume that you are available for the positions of both actual and vice member. The Student Union will strive to take into account the representation of different disciplines when making the selections.




Board of the Open University

The Open University opens the doors to the education produced by the University by offering studies that adhere to the curricula of the University of Helsinki to anyone interested. The Board’s duties include developing the operations of the Open University as a whole in accordance with the operational and financial objectives of the University as well as with the University’s Strategy and the Open University’s own programme of objectives. The Board provides you with a great perspective on the continuous learning solutions of the future and accessible education!

Board of the National Library

The National Library is an independent institution within the University of Helsinki. Its responsibilities include archiving published cultural heritage and making it available to the public as well as functioning as a research library, a national cultural institution and a national service unit for online library services. The Board of the National Library steers and advocates the operations of the National Library and approves its budget and action plan as well as any other far-reaching matters related to the library.

Board of the Language Centre

The duties of the Language Centre include providing teaching in language and communication skills, conducting research in the field and developing language teaching, study materials and diverse learning methods. The Language Centre also provides the University with language services that have a crucial role in ensuring that the University is multilingual. The Board’s duties include steering and developing the operations of the Language Centre – with central issues during the upcoming term including increasing cooperation with the other higher education institutions in the Capital Region.

Teaching development group of the Language Centre

Is something missing from the university’s language courses? Are the teaching methods just dull? If you crave experience in hands-on development of language teaching and want to improve teaching for you and your fellow students, this development groups is just the place for you!

Board of the Library

What would studying be like without exam books, scientific articles and the working space provided by the library? The Helsinki University Library includes four campus libraries that produce high-quality information services for the needs of research, teaching and learning at the University of Helsinki as well as promote the availability of scientific information in society. On the Board of the Library, you will have the chance to peek behind the curtain at a large academic library, get a whiff of international winds and influence services that are crucial for students.

The Library’s campus advisory boards

All four campus libraries of the University have their own advisory board – they provide a chance to influence your own library’s services, collections and activities! The campus advisory boards are tasked with acting as a cooperation forum for the library’s users and participating in issues such as the strategic development of library services and the planning of collection acquisitions.

Board of the Finnish Museum of Natural History (LUOMUS)

The Finnish Museum of Natural History is responsible for storing, adding to and exhibiting the national natural history collections as well as related research and teaching. LUOMUS is an important expert that participates in the societal interaction on the field of natural sciences and coordinates the cooperation of all Finnish museums of natural history and botanical gardens. The board of the museum offers interesting perspectives on the societal visibility of natural sciences and the supervision of one of the University’s national duties!

Board of the IT Center

The IT Center of the University of Helsinki directs the University’s IT sector, is in charge of centralised information security services and strategic planning of the IT operations as well as produces centralised IT services for the University to support its basic tasks. The Board of the IT Center decides on IT issues that concern the entire University as well as the development of services. A pretty cool chance to peek behind the scenes of a large organisation’s IT systems!

Facilities Committee

Are you interested in the future of the University’s campus, teaching and student facilities? How could the facilities support the construction of communality and a sustainable future? The Facilities Committee is an expert body within the University, tasked with steering the strategic planning of facilities in support of the Board and Rector of the University. It processes the development programmes and investment plans for the University’s facilities as well as any other significant matters related to facilities and facility security.

Board of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

Are you a postgraduate student? Interested in a position where you can experience the supervision of a research institute? The operations of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies cover the arts, social sciences, theology, law and behavioural sciences, but the collegium also supports cross-disciplinary research. The tasks of the collegium include steering and monitoring the operations and finances of the institute and deciding on its research themes and other central aspects of its operations.

Board of the Aleksanteri Institute

Does multidisciplinary research and societal impact related to Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia tickle your fancy? The Board of Aleksanteri Institute is a real special chance to get a sneak peek behind one of the University of Helsinki’s national duties!

Board of the Ruralia Institute

Do you study at the Faculty of Forestry and Agriculture or the Faculty of Social Science? Are you intrigued by sustainable development and the changing relationship between global and local issues from the perspective of rural areas? Do you want to learn how are the University of Helsinki’s activities in Mikkeli and Seinäjoki? If you said yes, this might be the spot for you!

Working group for developing subject teacher education

Are you studying to become a subject teacher? Would you like to acquire experience of developing education? The central objectives of the working group for developing subject teacher education are increasing mutual cooperation between the parties involved in subject teacher education, the critical assessment of current operating models and the creation of new, more efficient operating methods.

Steering group for bilingual (Swedish–Finnish) cooperation on the City Centre campus

Are you bursting with ideas for developing Swedish-language cooperation across faculty boundaries on the City Centre campus – cross-disciplinary courses or events, for instance? In the steering group, you will get to brainstorm and innovate Swedish-language or bilingual activities that are meaningful to students and allow faculties to combine their strength.


Read more about the positions at our site of open positions!


For further information on the positions and calls for applications, please contact:

Jenna Sorjonen
Specialist in educational policy