Come to select the representatives for financial positions in HYY


A model that emphasises the competence and motivation of the applicants is used in the allocation of financial positions. The task of the selection working group is to decide on the criteria to be applied to applications for the financial positions in more detail, draft the pre-assignments for the allocation of financial positions and assess both the applicants’ performance in the pre-assignments and how well they fulfil the criteria. The working group will propose the applicants to HYY’s Board in an order of preference. The applications for the financial positions will be processed anonymously.

Our aim is to form a group with diverse expertise and different backgrounds. For this reason, we are asking the Representative Council groups for proposals for members of the group. The selection of the members of the Board is not meant to be a political choice, which is why the working group does not need to be politically representative either. Each Representative Council group has the opportunity to propose one person for the selection working group.

We require those selected for the working group to have solid experience of Ylva’s finances and of acting in administration. Previous experience from the board of Ylva or Ylioppilaslehden Kustannus Oy is considered an advantage. The selected persons do not need to be members of the Representative Council. Members of the working group cannot be selected to the financial positions.

During the application process, members of the working group must be available during the following times (potential additional meetings to be agreed on later with the working group):

  • 12.2. from 17 to 19: preparations
  • 4.3- from 17 to 19: application assessment
  • 4.-11.3 additional meetings if needed
  • 11.3. complete propsal


Henna Heino, member of the board of HYY in charge of Ylva, will act as the chair of the selection working group. Please submit your proposals for persons to be selected for the working group (name and contact details) by email to henna.heino@hyy.fi by 23:59 on Tuesday 6 February 2024.